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Bri Springs posted an Instagram Story to address the rumors that she's dating Greg Grippo.

That Bri Springs/Greg Grippo Rumor Took A Dramatic Turn With Just 1 IG


Let’s clear things up: Bri Springs and Greg Grippo are not dating, despite being spotted out together in New York City. On Aug. 8, a Bachelor Nation fan account shared photos of the duo waiting outside Noir, a popular NYC restaurant and lounge. And although things did not look particularly romantic between the two of them in the snaps, the fact that they were photographed together at all was enough to cause speculation about the status of their current relationship.

Plus, according to the fan who submitted the photos to Bachelornation Scoop, the duo wanted to keep their outing private. The DM read, “I literally asked for a picture and Greg didn’t speak but Bri basically spoke for him and was like ‘he said no we are trying to be discreate [sic].’” 👀

ICYMI, both Springs and Grippo went home after their “hometown” dates on their respective seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette. But there is one major difference in their storylines: Springs was sent home by Matt James. Grippo self-eliminated after a blowout fight with Katie Thurston (that coincidentally aired on Aug. 2, only six days before Grippo and Springs’ outing). Two fan favorites getting together post-production is not exactly unusual, and stranger things have happened in Bachelor Nation. Alas, according to Springs, there’s nothing romantic between the two of them. (Grippo has not publicly commented on the rumors.)

In response to the rumors, Springs posted an Instagram story on Aug. 8 to confirm her actual relationship status, which has nothing to do with Grippo. In the post, she shared a photo of her holding her SO’s hand with the caption, “Current relationship status.” Spoiler: The hand did not belong to Grippo.


Springs did not tag her mystery man, but it’s safe to assume it isn’t Grippo — and internet sleuths already have an alternate theory in mind. Amanda Hirsch, the woman behind the Not Skinny But Not Fat account on IG, shared some intel into whose hand Springs may be holding. According to her, it’s the Instagram user @aramideo_, aka Aramide Olaniyan, a private equity investor at Summit Partners. (Elite Daily reached out to Olaniyan for comment on his connection to Springs but did not hear back in time for publication.) Considering Springs hasn’t confirmed her beau’s identity, this is just a theory, but she does follow Olaniyan’s account on Instagram. With that logic, I’m currently dating Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, and Harry Styles, so take this information with a grain of salt.


It sounds like Springs and Grippo really are just friends. I mean, they definitely have a lot to bond over: quarantined Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons, hometown dates gone wrong, being ridiculously good-looking, etc.

In other words, yes, Grippo may still be in the running to be the next Bachelor, and, no, Springs probably won’t be showing up on his ~potential~ season à la Blake Moynes.