A Dating App Called “Bracket” Legit Turns Dating Into An Actual Game

by Candice Jalili

When we were in college, my friends and I had what we called "crush rosters." Yes, we've always treated dating like a game.

Basically, you had a roster of all your crushes — from the random guy in your English class you'd never spoken to, to the guy you hooked up with one time three weeks ago, to the guy whom you've been texting forever, but you're not sure it's going to materialize into anything.

The roster would constantly be rotating with guys going up and down, based on interest and how realistic the crush was.

Make fun if you will, but it made being single in this hook up culture actually an enjoyable experience.

Now, a new dating app called "Bracket" is approaching dating with a similar concept.

Basically, Bracket aims to slash the traditional dating app experience and replace it with a more fun, bracket-driven concept.

Founder of Bracket, Whitney Linscott, tells Elite Daily,

What's better than winning? On Bracket, you always feel like a winner. Whether you've been chosen as a winner for another user's bracket, or you get a chat back from your own bracket winner of the day, it feels great knowing impersonal, unconscious swiping was not involved. I created Bracket to make mobile dating fun again!

Essentially, after making your profile on Bracket, the app matches you with 16 other app users every day, using the preferences you list in your profile.

Then, you narrow down your bracket with a head-to-head dating tournament throughout the day. Eventually, this dwindles down to leave you one true winner, and you guys are then able to chat with each other! Bracket's goal is basically "to get users off all dating apps (yes, including Bracket) and on a date with a meaningful, winning match."



So what are these "preferences" they speak of? Well, the app lets you include preferences like age, gender, and location.

On top of that, you have the chance to answer extra questions from Bracket that will help increase your "likability." The questions include things like "If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be and why?" and "If you were a part of a sitcom family, which would you choose and why?"

The app then matches you with daters using their "user-generated rating scale." This works by having users randomly review and rate other daters' profiles during their tournaments.

And the fun doesn't stop with your 16 daily head-to-head eliminations. The users also will receive one "wildcard" a day. What's the "wildcard," you ask? The app creators describe it as a "tempting new user within the tournament bracket."

Bracket is free to use, and it comes with one bracket a day. But if you're just itching for another, no worries! The app lets you make a one-time purchase of 99 cents to add on an extra bracket for the day.

And if that still isn't enough for you, you can pay $4.99 a month for two brackets a day, no time barriers, and the opportunity to chat with the top two picks in each bracket.

Bracket first officially launched in Dallas (where it was founded), but you can use it anywhere across the United States.

As someone who never played Fantasy Football, March Madness, or watched The Bachelor, I've gotta say, I'm a little lost on how the whole "bracket" thing works. But, from what I can tell, this sounds pretty awesome to me.