This Live-Streamed Blindfolded Blind Date Was As Awkward As You'd Think

Nina Ruggiero

Thanks to photo-filled dating apps and the modern art of social media stalking, the concept of "blind" dating is nearly impossible to pull off these days.

Chances are, by the time your friend sets you up with her cousin's college roommate, you've already gone full FBI on his ass and found everything short of his social security number.

That's why Elite Daily decided to get literal about it and set up two strangers on a date every other Wednesday -- blindfolded. Don't worry, though, we're not getting too old school on you.

There's a very 2016 setting to all this: Every date is streamed on Facebook Live, where you, the readers, have the chance to direct the couples by leaving questions for them in the comments.

This week, Katie, 23, met Sepp, 24. Let's take a look at what went down.

Elite Daily writer-turned-waitress Zara Barrie asked for "awkward, embarrassing, weird, crude" questions from our Facebook viewers.

Don't worry, she served plenty of wine to ease the pain.

It took a while to get warmed up.

We were all cringing a little bit inside.

But then Zara moved the lovebirds closer, and Sepp accused Katie of playing footsie.

Just when things were heating up, the duo was asked to describe their worst dates ever.

Katie almost escaped...

Sepp hit the wine pretty hard.

People noticed.


Haters gonna hate.

Probably the worst question to get on a blindfolded date: "What's your type?"

The comment section got pretty weird.


It never hurts to be prepared, I guess.

More drinking was necessary.

"Where do you see yourselves in five years?" Come on, Internet.


They talked bad habits, failed relationships and hidden talents.

They even told jokes.

Sepp did NOT appreciate Katie's love of Shakespeare.

Sex finally came up around the 15-minute mark.

It turns out Katie is the adventurous one between the sheets.

Here's to the ladies.

How is Sepp's wine glass ALWAYS empty, though?

Then it was time for the final question: What are you looking for in your next relationship?

Sh*t got pretty real.

As the clock counted down, the moment of truth was upon us.

Would they each want a second date?!?!

Sepp was pretty quick to make his decision...

...but Katie thought long and hard about it.


In the end, it was "yes" all around.

To watch the full video, head to Elite Daily's Facebook page.

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