5 Qualities Only Bilingual People Can Bring To A Relationship

by Nikhita Mahtani

Have you ever dated a bilingual person?

If not, you're missing out on something incredible.

We live in a crazy world these days. We're all connected to each other digitally, and thanks to the power of both travel and the internet, we're exposed to the world in more ways than ever before.

We're constantly surrounded by a mix of diverse opinions, thoughts and even languages.

Most of us have been exposed to several languages, and especially for those of us who've grown up in different countries or as first-generation Americans, we've even grown up SPEAKING different languages.

I grew up in Mumbai, India, and I grew up speaking both English and Hindi. I watch movies in both languages, and when I go home, it's always easy to switch back and forth.

It's a cool feeling being able to talk to my sister in a language nobody can understand, and I'm really fortunate I get to experience two unique cultures equally.

While being bilingual is great, the main benefits actually come from DATING a bilingual person.

Here's why you should really make an effort to get into a relationship with someone who speaks more than one language:

1. We're smarter.

Speaking two languages has been proven to increase grey matter in specific parts of the brain. This means those who speak more than one language are actually smarter than people who don't.

Luca Pierro

Bilingual people literally have more efficient brains and better memory. Their brains are more adapt at fighting the signs of psychological aging.

As a result, being with a bilingual person will leave you constantly challenged. Intelligence is fucking sexy.

2. We're more understanding of your points of view.

People who speak two different languages have been exposed to two different cultures and ways of thinking. They don't judge, because they're aware everyone thinks a different way, and they're very open to it.

In India, the culture is so different from the one in the US, but I've learned to embrace them both equally.

Being with a bilingual person will actually ensure your not-so-popular opinions will still be heard... even if they're argued and debated. Your bilingual partner will understand you way better than anyone else would.

3. There won't be any mixed signals.

Those who speak two languages always want to learn and understand more. Because they're fluent in two languages that might have different syntaxes and phonetic sounds, they're super sensitive to small differences in speech that other people might not be aware of.

This ensures their sensitivity toward the things you say; they won't ever assume you mean something you don't. Instead, they'll ask questions and truly listen to you, and you won't fight as much!

4. You'll get the best of two worlds.

Bilingual people LITERALLY see the world differently when they're speaking a different language:

People self-report that they feel like a different person when using their different languages and that expressing certain emotions carries different emotional resonance depending on the language they are using.



Dating a bilingual is therefore kind of like dating two equally wonderful people. You may get a sensitive side one day, or maybe you'll get an outgoing, playful side the next.

Not only will this constantly keep you on your toes, but it'll also make life a whole lot more interesting.

5. We're confident and self-assured.

There's a certain confidence that comes with being bilingual, due to a sense of pride in knowing more about your cultural heritage. As a result, your bilingual partner will have a sexy, self-assured way about him or her that'll drive you crazy.

Being with a confident person will make sure there aren't any stupid fights or jealousy, and it'll also help you become more confident in your choices as well.

Dating a bilingual person is a unique, interesting experience that'll give you so many benefits in both the long and short-term.

Once you see how dating a bilingual person improves your life for the better, who knows? You might try to learn another language as well.