5 Halloween Pick-Up Lines To Literally Scare Your Tinder Match Into Liking You

When online dating, you always want to differentiate yourself from the crowd. It's a real meat market out there, and you gotta set yourself apart from the pack. So when it comes to messaging on Halloween, using these best Halloween pick-up lines is a good way to make your match LOL... or at least scare them into a date with you. Because that is definitely how you want to start a relationship. By scaring someone into liking you. (I know this from experience.)

Let's face it: Icebreakers on Tinder can get stale and boring. There are only so many times I can message someone saying, "Hiiiii [insert name here] :)" without wanting to punch myself in the face. Those conversations never end up going anywhere anyway. They lack pizazz. So if you have an opportunity to theme a message up, take it. And a Halloween-centric message is the perfect opportunity. Plus, that's what Halloween is for anyway! Getting into costume. Playing a part. Doing a little role play.

So here are five Halloween pick-up lines to literally scare your Tinder match into liking you. Because the last thing you want to be on a dating app is ordinary.

1. "Want To Be My Boo?"


Probably the most obvious of Halloween-themed pick-up lines, this one is still important to keep in your rolodex anyway. It's simple, cute, straightforward, and is likely to warrant some sort of response from a curious Tinder match. Maybe include the ghost emoji along with it, just to clarify that your intentions are ghostly, and not stage five clinger-ish.

2. "If We Go Out, I Promise I'll Never Ghost You"


Besides haunted houses, scary clowns, seeing my ex in a couples costume with his new girlfriend, and getting raisins while trick or treating, getting ghosted by a new crush is one of my biggest fears. So why not tell your match in a Halloween-themed message that you have no intention of ghosting them? It's a great way to establish yourself as relationship material and a safe space for conversation. Who doesn't like that?

3. "You're The Only Treat I Want In My Sack This Halloween"


There's nothing like a little sexual innuendo to get someone to respond to you on a dating app. This line, courtesy of Pick Up Lines Galore, will score you a date for sure. Although, I can't promise you it will attract someone who is relationship material.

4. "I Can't Find A Costume For Halloween. Can I Go As Your Girlfriend?"


This line from will definitely scare your Tinder match into... something. Is it coming on strong? Absolutely. But being a little forward never hurt anybody. It comes off as both flirtatious and confident, and who doesn't like someone who is both sexy and sure of themselves? Better start using it now.

5. "Happy Halloween. How Can I Find Out If You're A Trick Or A Treat?"


Most likely, your match will say that you have to hang together to find out. And just like that, you've got yourself a ghoulish guide for Halloween. This message could also weed out the f*ckbois from the good guys, because as you know, the bad boys are all about tricks, while the good guys are nothing but a sweet treat.

So when it comes to messaging on Halloween, why not get a little SpOoOoOoOky? You might just end up matching with your boo.

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