Nothing Was The Same: The 4 Stages Of Your BFF Falling In Love

by Anastasia Robinson

She is beautiful, and he is kind.

She has this heart of gold that sparkles every time she talks about wanting to change the world.

He has a way of bringing together people from all walks of life, so that awkward silence is instead filled with animated discussions.

They fell in love.

Now, I know what you're thinking.

How is this any different from every other love story known to man since the beginning of time?

I’ll be honest: It really isn’t.

However, that doesn't make it any less special or beautiful, especially since I had the immense pleasure of watching my two best friends fall irrevocably in love.

So, here is everything that happens when two of your best friends fall in love:

1. Follow the signs.

First, there are the signs something more than friendship might be bubbling beneath the surface.

This is something you may or may not notice, and it could happen long before anything actually occurs. But, it's always there.

There are the looks, the drunken words and the sudden change in atmosphere when it goes from stagnant to electric.

Then, there are the touches. Their interactions edge on the line between friendship and love.

It finally crosses that line in one fell swoop, and there is no turning back.

2. Engage in light recon.

You'll hear talk from both ends.

They will both give you the "I don’t know if I want a relationship with her," and the "I don’t want to ruin my friendship with him" speeches after admitting they know it's something more than just physical.

He’ll tell you he has real feelings for her, and he's scared she won't return them.

He'll tell you he's gotten over them a few days later, but you know he hasn't.

You promise not to tell her, and you don’t.

She'll be confused.

She knows she cares about him, but she's scared.

If she doesn't want it to end badly, you know she must work out her own feelings.

3. Question its probability.

You get scared.

You're terrified that if this comes to a tragic fall, it could mean the end of their friendship.

You know neither of them would hurt the other on purpose, but sometimes, even the best of intentions end with the worst heartbreaks.

You wonder if you should condone this.

Maybe it would be best if they never took that step and just remained friends. You know they need each another in their lives.

4. Celebrate their love.

But in the end, they make it through the doubts, the jealousy and the fear to become something better than anyone could have ever pictured.

They become something you admire, something you look up to when you're disappointed again and again by your own affairs of the heart.

She has a concern, and he listens. They talk and communicate better than couples twice their age.

They've both seen relationships young and old crash and burn, yet they don’t see their own end as inevitable.

He makes her a better woman, and she makes him a better man.

Your doubts seem silly and unfounded as you sit here, smiling at what they have become.

Is it weird when people sometimes refer to you as the third wheel? Absolutely.

Is the dynamic between the three of you different because there's now a couple in this threesome? Sure.

However, you wouldn't change it back to the way it was.

He's never been more smitten, and she's never been so in love.

That is all you could ever wish for your best friends.