28 Hilarious But Effective Ways To Disguise Yourself While Spying On Your BFF's Date

by Candice Jalili

We've all been there.

It's your first date with some rando and you're about 10 percent excited, 60 percent nervous about being awkward and 30 percent nervous he'll rape and/or murder you.

You call your bestie on the way there and she gives you the classic pep talk, but then you hang up your phone and it's game time. It's just you and this dude. No bestie there to keep you safe and make sure you're acting like your awesome, kick-ass self.

If only there was a way to have her there on your date without him knowing...

Enter these BFFs.

Just yesterday, possibly the best best friend in the history of best friends (sorry to all my besties) figured out a way to masterfully spy on her BBF's date:


Her bestie could continue her date with total confidence that nothing could go that wrong because she was ready to have her back at any moment.

And just THINK about the time they saved on having to recap every play-by-play of the date.

It's a genius idea, I know.

So how about we all start copying them and spy on all of our best friends' dates?? I've come up with some more disguise options for you below.

1. As the waiter at the restaurant.

2. As the busboy at the restaurant.

3. As the hostess at the restaurant.

4. As the valet at the restaurant.

5. As the bathroom attendant.

6. As the chef at the restaurant (just wear a chef costume and walk around authoritatively).

7. As literally any sort of restaurant employee.

8. As her roommate who left her keys at home and just NEEDS to borrow hers right now.

9. As her overprotective mom.

10. As her random acquaintance who just HAPPENED to be there.

11. As a man dining by your lonesome.

12. As a chicken (a chicken suit is required for this).

13. As a ninja (would obviously have to buy ninja outfit and scale walls).

14. As her actual shadow (wear all black and strategically follow her).

15. As part of the carpet.

16. As part of the hardwood floor.

17. As part of the marble floor.

18. As part of any sort of flooring at any venue.

19. As the fire in the fireplace (dress solely in red, orange and yellow and wave white napkins above you).

20. As part of the light fixture (dress in all white then bring duct tape and tape yourself to the ceiling).

21. As part of the natural landscape.

22. As a fish swimming in the swim tank (yes, I'm assuming you're on a date where there are swim tanks).

23. As the owner of the restaurant.

24. As the window washer.

25. As the janitor.

26. As an interior decorator there to revamp the look of the restaurant.

27. As someone's pet dog.

28. As a ghost (obviously, you'd have to cover yourself in a sheet and cut holes accordingly).

Now go share this list with your BFF and revolutionize your dating life forever! If I missed any GREAT disguises, feel free to comment them below!

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