9 Reasons Being The Heartbreaker Can Be As Hard As Having Your Heart Broken

by Alexa Mellardo
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The pain can be just as excruciating breaking someone's heart, as it is to having your own heart broken.

Up until you're actually faced with the agonizing task of being a heartbreaker, this may sound a little ridiculous and unfair. But hear me out.

The kind of heartbreaker I'm referring to is not in any way, shape, or form to be confused with a player.

Some heartbreakers have the reputation for being rebellious AF, know how to talk the talk, and may even drive a motorcycle. But, a heartbreaker can also be the really nice, other half of a relationship that just feels like things need to end.

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If you can relate, you may feel it's necessary to cut your guy loose because he's more invested into your relationship than you are.

You might be afraid things are going too fast, so you want to bow out gracefully. Or maybe, you're both embracing two different paths in life.

Whatever the reason, cutting those ties rarely comes easy, especially when you care so much about that person.

Here are nine reasons why it can be just as hard to be the heartbreaker, as it is to have your heart broken.

1. You can't fathom the thought that you're going to be a heartbreaker, because you know how terrible it feels to be on the other side.

2. You're afraid that once you break his heart, he may never want to see or speak to you again.

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3. You don't want him, his family, or his friends to hate you.

4. A lot of players ghost girls, because this kind of thing is difficult to do. Ghosting is the easy way out to avoid addressing it all together, so they roll with it.

But, ghosting is spineless and selfish. A text will NOT do — you have to handle this situation face to face, or over the phone.

5. You feel horrible about all of this, but it truly takes time to realize. That's what dating is all about, and what many people lose sight of.

6. You're not being fair to yourself, or to him, if you're not one hundred percent honest about your feelings.

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7. It's all in the presentation. If you say what's from the heart, that's all that truly matters.

8. It's heartbreaking to be a heartbreaker when you're a good person with a conscience.

9. You feel an all-consuming guilt, because he invested time in you. You're leaving him starting at square one again.

We don't go into relationships with the intent of hurting someone, but sometimes, it happens.