The Creepy Background Of This Couple's Selfie Will Make You Seriously Freak Out

by Sean Abrams

Some cultures believe that photographs can steal your soul.

While I find that a tad hard to believe (because, you know, I'm already soulless and empty inside), I do think a strategically placed camera could capture a picture that deceives the eye at first glance.

I mean, that has to be the only explanation behind what I'm about to show you. That, or Satan is real. It could be that, too.

A regular ol' couple was feeling cute and mushy, so they decided to take a selfie to capture their love in real time. Sounds normal, right?

I take selfies all the time, though it's usually with my parents' cats or with hot strangers who aren't paying attention.

Love is love — just let me live.

The boyfriend (presumably named Andy, courtesy of his Twitter handle) in this couple then posted the image to social media for the world to see, with the accompanying caption, "i love my girlfriend even if shes a gemini. [sic]"

One would assume that was just him calling out the traits of her zodiac sign... that is, until your gaze shifts over to the background of the photo.

You see, when a regular, non-possessed person takes a selfie with a mirror directly behind them, you see the back of their heads. But not in this case. If you notice, we don't see the back of Andy's girlfriend's head.

Instead, we see her smiling back at us like a goddamn riled up spirit from "The Conjuring."

Shook. I am shook. I actually am typing from under my desk right now because I CANNOT HANDLE THIS.

I understand a Gemini is supposed to have two different personalities, but this is some other-world shit right here. No explanation that I've thought of even makes sense, so I'm not sure how to make sense of what I'm looking at.

Do we call an exorcist? The Ghostbusters? Emergency services? SOMEONE TELL ME.

Understandably, I'm not the only one having a total freakout. The rest of the internet is just as confused as I am:

Well, we've met the Devil, and it's this girl.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

I swear her eyes keep following my every move.

Andy, get out while you can!

It's just so hard to look away.

Time will stand still until this creepy puzzle is solved.

I am fully convinced Voodoo is involved in this situation.

What if she's right behind me?

In an attempt to calm the world down, one Twitter user explained how this girl has a face on the back of her head like Voldemort.

I'm still a little skeptical, though.

If you need me, I'll be under my bed for the rest of my life.

Someone deliver me snacks.

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