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'The Bachelorette's Mike Planeta opens up about his decision to abstain from sex until marriage.

Mike P. Says He's Had Oral Sex Twice, Though He Hasn't Had "Sex Sex"

"I’m an extremely sexual dude."

The Bachelorette’s Mike Planeta is opening up about his sex life — again. Throughout his time on Katie Thurston’s season, Planeta gained some fame for his decision to wait to have sex until marriage. Considering Thurston’s own reputation as the sex-positive Bachelorette (you don’t bring a vibrator to night one for nothing!), Planeta’s decision to abstain until marriage became a major storyline throughout his time on the show.

And although he got sent home on the July 19 episode of The Bachelorette, Planeta is not finished talking about his sex life (because, yes, he does have one). During an appearance on the “Talking It Out” podcast, Planeta spoke about his past sexual experiences. “And I’ve said this, I’ve talked with [Thurston] about this. I’m very open about this. I may not have had, like, sex sex, but I’ve slipped up and I’ve had oral sex,” he told hosts Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo, per Page Six.

But Planeta is still committed to waiting for marriage. “For me, that was one of the moments where, like, the two times I did slip up and do those things, those were things that taught me actually the significance of why I actually was putting sex on such a pedestal,” he continued. According to Planeta, sex is “a bonding thing, it’s a connection thing, like, it can mask a lot of issues if you’re not communicating and talking about a lot of these things.” So, while he might not have much physical experience in the bedroom, but it sounds like Planeta is no stranger to emotional intimacy.

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During the interview, Planeta surprised listeners by calling himself “extremely sexual.” He told Johnson and Abasolo, “I know this is a really weird thing to say because I’m waiting ’til marriage. Like, I’m an extremely sexual dude. It’s just, I have to kind of confine that in ways, like, for me until I get married, until it’s, like, in the right context.” (Reminder: “the right context” does not have to be the same for everyone. You do you, or you do someone else — whatever floats your boat.)

Planeta added that he feels there are a lot of misconceptions about abstaining from sex. “When people think of somebody waiting, right, they think like, prude or they’re not interested in sex or they don’t want to have these things,” he added. “No, like, I have all these urges, probably times 10, right? These are urges that I, like, fight every single day, but it’s not about me.” For Planeta, it’s about making his future wife feel “loved” and “honored,” per Entertainment Weekly.

And although that future wife will likely not be Thurston, I’m still rooting for this sweet, thoughtful, honest guy to find the love he’s looking for.