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Here's How Natasha Reacted To All That Brendan And Pieper Drama On BIP

Natasha for Bachelorette.


The seventh season of Bachelor In Paradise has been anything but smooth sailing, especially for Natasha Parker. At first, Natasha, who appeared on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, was doing pretty well on the beach. From the get-go, she had a connection with Brendan Morais. And although things were moving slowly for the two of them, Brendan gave Natasha regular reassurance — even going so far as to say “I've had deeper conversations with you than I had with Pieper [James]... I have the strongest connection with you” on the second episode. So, there’s that. Things seemed to be going relatively well for them until Brendan’s ~girlfriend~, Pieper herself, made her entrance.

(OK, to be fair, there has been some confusion about whether they officially DTR-ed before Paradise, but Pieper did refer to Brendan as her boyfriend after their first date on the show, so make of that what you will.)

Although reuniting with potential romantic connections is not exactly new for Paradise (remember the Stagecoach drama from 2019?), it is frowned upon — especially when this reunion comes at the expense of someone else’s feelings. That said, when Brendan and Pieper were caught talking about being able to “continue” their relationship and “pick up” where they left off (not to mention, Pieper thanking Brendan for “playing the game” while he waited for her), Bachelor Nation had one question: What about Natasha?! As it turns out, Natasha had the same extremely valid question. Though it didn’t come up right away.

During the filming of the episode (before Natasha was privy to Brendan and Pieper’s private conversations), Natasha kept things pretty classy, even when confronting Brendan about his intentions. Although she couldn’t hold back a laugh when he accused her of “selective hearing,” she didn’t start yelling either. “The core of the issue is I feel like you’re a liar,” she told him clarmly. Speaking to the camera, she reiterated, “He’s a liar, and he made me feel really bad.”

When Brendan and Pieper’s game plan was revealed on the Sept. 6 episode of BIP, Natasha was just as invested as everyone else, and her reactions were ~everything~. Taking to Twitter, Natasha retweeted a few choice reactions from fans, making her feelings about the situation crystal clear. In one, a fan accused Brendan of “gaslighting” Natasha. Another commented on the “level of disrespect” from Brendan and Pieper’s IG posts about the episode. Brendan’s caption read, “Here for the wrong reasons 😏.” Pieper’s was equally unapologetic: “All’s fair in love and war 😉.” Yikes.

And although Natasha was “dreading” the episode, per her IG Stories, she felt “validated” by Paradise fans’ reactions to how she was treated. She recalled on IG, “I know how I felt in the moment, I felt dumb. I felt stupid. I felt used... And I just didn’t know what people were going to say. And I knew how low I felt, you know, in real-time, and just to relive those feelings again.” Fortunately, it seems that she has been focusing on self-love and healing since then.

In a lengthy post of her feed, Natasha reflected on what went down during the Sept. 6 episode. “Sometimes dating is tough... Sometimes once we realize we’re being naïve and lied to, it’s too late... Sometimes people treat us like we don’t matter,” she wrote. “But what I have learned is one’s capacity to love, trust, show vulnerability and be good to others is a reflection of self. And when others disregard you, take advantage, mislead, and choose selfishness that is also a reflection of who they are. If you’re reading this, and it resonates with you, you will smile again, keep going, the right one will love you for your pure heart ❤️.”

Well, I know one way we could try to find someone worthy of Natasha’s pure heart: her own season of The Bachelorette. BRB, going to email Mike Fleiss now.