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August Alsina's song lyric about Jada Pinkett Smith is shady.

Jada Pinkett Smith's Ex Mentioned Their “Entanglement” In A New Song


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The Smiths have been having a rough go of it lately. On March 27, Will Smith made headlines after slapping Chris Rock for making a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head (she has alopecia). In the ensuing days, Will apologized and elected to resign from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In other words, he’s laying low. But August Alsina, Jada Pinkett Smith’s ex with whom she famously had an “entanglement” in 2020, seemed to have other ideas. On April 5, August teased a song lyric about Jada, and it sounds super messy.

August’s song, “Shake The World,” starts with lyrics about being “canceled.” He goes on to rap, “Well, of course some sh*t was bound to go down / When you tangled up with the world's favorite.” The insinuation seems to be that his affair — or ~entangling~ — with Jada resulted in his being canceled, which is... debatable.

The rest of the lyrics only add more levels to this shade. August raps, “And your b*tch be telling me I’m so d*mn fine / And it’s true, oh! Oh! Oh! / Yeah! It’s true, oh! Yeah / ‘Cause I’m nothing like you.” (Um, this feels like a major insult to Will, no?)

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And apparently, the song is only the beginning of August re-entangling himself with the Smith family. A tell-all book may also be in his future. (Quick reminder: canceled people typically do not get major book deals.) Speaking to The Sun, a source claimed, “August is getting ready to sign a big money book deal which will detail his romantic liaisons with Jada.”

The insider continued, “He has always maintained that Will gave him permission to sleep with Jada, something they have publicly denied... August will go into detail about his time with Jada and will also speak about how he spent time living in homes owned by Will when he was away filming.” Eek. Will and Jada have not responded publicly to August’s song, rumored book deal, or this source’s claims.

Props to August’s PR team and record label for pulling this off. The timing is truly chef’s kiss.