Women Reveal The Personality Traits They Refuse To Change To Become More "Dateable"

Guille Faingold

LISTEN UP, BUTTERCUPS, because I am about to tell you the most important piece of information you've ever heard in your life. Write it down, memorize, and tattoo it to the insides of your eyelids so you never forget it, OK? You will be quizzed on this information. Now, I want you to remember that no matter what anyone tells you — EVER — you are lovable, dateable, and worthy of a lifetime of happiness. And if you ever find yourself asking yourself, "Am I undateable?" I want you to imagine me sitting next to you, probably shoving a huge slice of pizza in my face, saying that question is bullsh*t because the answer is obvious: OF COURSE YOU'RE NOT UNDATEABLE. Then, imagine me offering a slice of pizza to you, as we sit together, watching sh*tty TV, relishing in the fact that we are, indeed, dateable humans.

Too often, we, as women in particular, are told what qualities make us "dateable" or "attractive" and what qualities we need to ditch in a heartbeat, as they make us "undateable" or "unattractive." And you know what I say? TO HECK WITH ALL THIS NONSENSE. If preferring to stay in on the weekends and roll around in bed for 12 straight hours while watching seven movies in a row makes me undateable, then I certainly don't want to be dateable. And it seems other women out there are adopting a similar mentality.

On a recent Reddit thread, a bunch of women revealed the personality trait that might make others consider them "undateable" that they are absolutely refusing to change. AND THIS THREAD IS #GIRLPOWER IF I'VE EVER SEEN IT.

If you're quiet, you're still dateable.

If you take a while to warm up to people, you're still dateable.

If you're sensitive, you're still dateable.

If you enjoy consistent and open communication, you're still dateable.

If you don't want kids, you're still dateable.

If you don't wear makeup, you're still dateable.

If you have a mental illness, you're still dateable.

If you prioritize your career, you're still dateable.

If you have a nonexistent bullsh*t threshold, you're still dateable.

If you're an emotionally intense person, you're still dateable.

If you're not keen to talk about your feelings, you're still dateable.

If you're not obsessed with your appearance, you're still dateable.

If you're smart, you're still dateable as f*ck.

If you're introverted, you're still dateable.

If you're a princess like me, you're still dateable.

If you're not the most outgoing person, you're still dateable.

If you are punctual and don't like to rush, you're still dateable, and can you please tell me how you do it?

If your hobbies don't always fall under those typical of your gender (whatever TF that even means), you're still dateable.

If you are an independent woman, you're still dateable, just ask Beyoncé.

And if you like wearing Crocs, I can't say I understand you, but you're still f*cking dateable.

Moral of the story? If you're a living, breathing human with a desire to date and to make someone else happy, you're dateable. And my guess is, there's definitely another Crocs lover out there waiting for you.

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