Adele Is Reportedly Leaning On Her BF After Canceling Her Residency

Rich Paul has been so supportive.


Adele’s highly-anticipated Las Vegas residency was canceled on Jan. 21 — the same day it was supposed to open. In a tearful Instagram, the singer explained that shipping delays and COVID-19 concerns have made it impossible to go through with the show as planned. “It’s been impossible to finish the show. I can’t give you want I have right now,” she said. Adele seemed devastated, and fans were understandably disappointed. Fortunately, she hasn’t had to handle this ordeal alone. According to sources, Adele’s been relying on boyfriend Rich Paul after her residency cancellation.

In the midst of the Vegas drama, Rich has been “very patient and supportive,” an insider claimed to Us Weekly (despite previous reports from Page Six that the couple’s relationship had hit a “rough patch” and turned “volatile”). Yet the Us source claimed that the duo is “still solid” and “committed.”

So, um, what is the truth? Well, Adele herself mentioned Rich in a Feb. 1 IG caption — and it seemed like she was subtly denying rumors of trouble in paradise. In the post, she wrote, “Oh, and Rich sends his love.” Yup, sounds like they’re still ~rolling in the deep~ throes of love.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

It’s a good thing, too, because it doesn’t look like the Vegas controversy is going anywhere. An Us insider continued, “Adele is in a difficult place right now. She’s trying to stay strong and power her away through the pain, but it’s been tough. She feels awful for disappointing so many fans, upset over all the negative attention and overwhelmed at how much work lies ahead.”

Yet the goal of finding a way to make the residency happen hasn’t changed. “It’s a challenge she’s determined to win and the aim is to have her residency back up and running as soon as possible,” the source continued.

For Adele’s sake (and all of her fans who are waiting to use their tickets), I’m hoping that they figure it out sooner rather than later!