6 Things Only A 'Forever' Person Will Do For You

When you're with the right person, love is easy. People say that marriage is hard work and it is, but when the kind of person standing beside you wants to put in as much effort as you, that's what makes a healthy, forever kind of relationship.

If your significant other does any of the following, you've found your forever person:

1. Provide balance when you're a hot, crazy mess.

When you're hot tempered because of something going on with your family, finances or venting about your crazy boss, your partner should be able to be calm and sensitive.

They should be able to balance you when you're feeling not yourself. Furthermore, in times of crisis, this person and you should swap places. If your partner is worried, then you need to try and remain as calm as possible to ensure that the issue is resolved. Each should act as a balance to how the other person is feeling.

2. Easily hang out with your family.

If your partner visits your parents' house for Sunday night dinners and looks at their phone the entire time, give them the boot because they're not for you.

The forever person knows that being with you, ALSO means opening their life to your family. The forever person will interact, help them and be able to hang out with them when you're not around. The forever person will make your family their family too.

3. Not place unreasonable expectations on you.

We all have those days when we want to come home after work, slip on pajamas and watch TV. The house can be a complete wreck, but tonight you're not up for any of it, dinner included.

The forever person won't expect you or them to make having order a complete priority, and they would never demean you for it. They understand you're entitled to relax, and on those days when you're not feeling it, they don't get angry that the burden falls on them.

They understand that you each play different roles during the day, and when you get home, maid isn't one of the titles you want to put on.

4. Let you know you don't need to be perfect.

Your forever person will think you're the most beautiful person the moment you open your eyes. They're not going to even worry or notice the weight you've put on since your first date, nor are they going to love you any less for it.

They've seen you dolled up and think you're just as pretty, if not prettier when you're relaxing in yoga pants rocking a top knot.

5. Unforeseen circumstances won't rattle them.

Life will happen and when it does, it could create some difficult financial burdens. When I got into a car accident and was out of work, my fiancé picked up all the financial burden while my assistance paid for medical bills. Your forever person will pick up the slack and find a way to make it work during those moments of unpredictability.

6. They enjoy staying in.

Your forever person will be someone who loves talking with you about everything under the sun.

They love to joke with you, or just curl up in bed in complete silence while holding you in their arms. Your relationship with your forever person won't be flashy and requiring a ton of activities.

The forever person will want to be with you no matter what, doing the simplest of activities like washing the dishes after dinner. Even in moments as boring as that, the forever person will still look at you, thankful that what they have is a life with you.