Is It Me? All The Thoughts A Woman Has While Going Through A Dry Spell (Video)

Celibacy isn't just for nuns anymore. There is a time period in every young woman's sexual history in which she encounters The Dark Ages, aka a dry spell.

It doesn't matter if you're an 11; it doesn't matter if you shaved your legs every day for a month in preparation. Sometimes, the traffic light that is your vagina just never passes "go," and your stuck begging old flames to just come over and touch your private parts.

Maybe you're super busy and forgot to schedule a little sexytime. Maybe you just can't rally yourself to put on some lipstick and go out trolling for dick. Whatever the case, you're barely getting by without getting any.

We feel you. And to cheer you up out of the funk, we've got a video that sums up exactly what you're going through.

Here are the five stages every woman goes through during a dry spell. Might as well do something productive with all your free time.

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