5 Reasons Every Woman Should Have Sex With An Inexperienced Guy

by Yasmin Marie

It’s not hard to find guys who love to take control when it comes to sex. Though it’s less common to find guys who are inexperienced when it comes to matters of the boudoir, they are everywhere. There are plenty of reasons that having sex with an inexperienced guy (or a virgin!) is totally worth your time. Here are five of those reasons:

It’s Your Moment

Most women believe they are amazing lovers, and deep down, most just want — at least once — to make a guy squeal with joy. Yes, guys are generally way easier to please than girls are, but it’s easy to tell the difference between a guy who’s just enjoying himself and one who’s actually going crazy… if you know what I mean. When it comes to inexperienced guys, it’s probably a sure thing that he’ll be one to go crazy.

Blast Of Self Esteem

Since he doesn’t really know much (firsthand, at least) about potential bedroom activities, pretty much anything you do will get a response akin to “this is amazing.” And, we just love to hear that. It allows for a blast of self-esteem that you’ll feel great about receiving.

Time To Embrace Your Dirty Side

It is also an opportunity test out those dirty thoughts that have been circulating in your mind. Embrace your inner Dita Von Teese. You know that copy of “50 Shades of Grey” you’ve been hiding under you bed? Well, pull it out, crack it open and start imagining yourself as more of a Christian than an Anastasia.

You’ll Learn More About Yourself

As you take control of the situation, you’ll start to realize what things you really enjoy in bed. You’ll be guiding the progression according to your desires, which will allow you to learn more about what you like, rather than leaving it for your partner to figure out. Some might think this is a lot of work, but honestly, it’s an exciting journey to take.

Bye Bye, Guilty Feelings

The ultimate advantage to having sex with an inexperienced guy is not subjecting yourself to that guilty next-day feeling. It’s likely that you (and your time together) means something to this guy that is more significant than the way an extremely experienced guy would feel. You’ll likely hear next-day responses like “you’ve taught me so much,” “you were the best” or “I’ll never forget this.”

Photo credit: American Pie