53 Thoughts A Girl Has When She Has Her First Serious BF In Her 20s

by Ashley Fern

Having a boyfriend at any age can (and will) be a very trying experience. It certainly doesn't help that no two relationships are alike, and figuring out how to make it work with your boyfriend is a new experience every time.

What your priorities were at 15 are definitely not the same as they are at 18 -- and they could not be more opposite of those in your 20s.

But regardless of age, there are some concerns that you can't help but harp on -- the anxiety of meeting the family, trading sweatpants in for actual under garments and what to buy him for the holidays.

Life is never easy even when you have what you think you want, so it's no surprise these 53 things will cross your mind at one point or another...

1. Wait, weren't my parents married at this age?

2. Is that why they're divorced?

3. Sh*t, I don't want to have to deal with a divorce.

4. Do I have to wear my makeup to bed now?

5. My skin is going to look like sh*t, this sucks.

6. Will I ever have to pay for a meal again?

7. Does that make me sound like an assh*le?

8. Do I have to stock up on new underwear?

9. Does this mean I can start eating carbs again?

10. Or does this mean I have to work out all the time now?

11. Will he learn to love Shonda Rhimes?

12. Will he pick up on her overused plot twist on every show?

13. Do I have to shave all the time?

14. Or just when I see him?

15. That sounds a lot better.

16. If he stays with my family, is he allowed to sleep in my room?

17. He better be or else I'm never going home.

18. Is he going to expect me to tell him my number?

19. Do I lie?

20. Yes, you always lie.

21. Do I have to retire my sweat pants?

22. I don't even want to hang out with my family, now I have to hang out with someone else's?

23. Is my shower conducive to shower sex?

24. Am I?

25. I hate it.

26. Will he like my friends?

27. Well, he doesn't have a choice.

28. Does this mean I'm going to have to gain 10 lbs for the sake of birth control?

29. Will my eating habits turn him off?

30. Do I actually care?

31. He will learn to love Seamless Sundays as much as I do.

32. Will he judge me for getting crumbs in the bed?

33. Probably.

34. Guess we're spending our time at his house then.

35. My eating habits resemble that of a growing teenage boy.

36. ...So do my shower habits.

37. Wait — does that mean I have to shower every day now?

38. Can he pay for my hair maintenance bill?

39. Will he be jealous of my love for Elliot Stabler?

40. Do I have to share all of the blankets?

41. How will I successfully stretch myself in the morning now?

42. Is he going to be OK with how close me and my best friend are

43. If I ditch him to go get pizza with my best friend and watch Netflix for hours on end in her bed, will he be jealous?

44. Does he smoke more weed than I do?

45. Does this mean he's going to pay for it?!

46. What about all of the food we'd eat afterwards?

47. How does he like his Domino's pizza?

48. If we can agree on this, we can agree on everything.

49. Will he respect my personal space when I eat myself into a food coma?

50. Is he going to send me unrequested dick pics?

51. If he makes me get into a Facebook relationship, I may kill myself.

52. Do people still do that?

53. I hope not...