This Is How To Successfully Have Sex With A Small Penis

by Candice Jalili
Universal Pictures

I was looking through Reddit the other day when I came across this post about a girl who was trying to improve her sex life with her not-so-well-endowed boyfriend. Read it for yourself here:

You get the picture. This girl seems to really like her boyfriend. She wants to make it work. And, just as you would hope a guy wouldn't leave you because your boobs were too small, we should hope she wouldn't end things with a guy because he wasn't well-endowed enough for her.

So she did what any modern person with a question too embarrassing and too niche to ask their friends does, she took her question to Reddit. As you can see by her update, people apparently gave some killer advice.

I took out some of the best snippets here for you to muse over. I even made it super easy and organized for you and organized it by position. I know you guys, I'm the best. OMG, stop gushing. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Try cowgirl.

Cowgirl was BY FAR the most popular suggestion from people across the board. Even if they were suggesting other positions, they seemed to refer back to cowgirl as a trusty staple. So, if you're looking to play it safe, go for these tips.

Try using props.

If you're not too intimidated by them, you can follow the lead of the people who said that using their own respective props really helped them spruce things up in the bedroom.

Try scissoring... yes, scissoring.

Yeah so... I guess guy/girl scissoring is actually a thing.

Try putting your legs above his shoulders.

If you've got the flexibility for it, putting your legs above his shoulders is supposed to do wonders.

Try placing a pillow under your hips.

If you're more of a fan of having him on top, putting a pillow under your hips should be able to do just the trick.

And there you have it, ladies and gents. A small dick does not have to be the end for your relationship. Try out some of these handy tips and work with what you've got.