Here Are The 12 Qualities People Find Attractive (Besides Boobs And Butts)

by Kate Ryan

In a relationship, looks only go so far. Eventually, you have to talk to the person you're dating, and unfortunately, science hasn't found a way to make booties and abs do that for you.

One Reddit user posted the question, "Besides looks, what makes a person crazy attractive?" to AskReddit, and the results were all over the place. Aside from having an amazing body, it seems anything goes when it comes to attracting a potential partner.

Here are the most unusual personal qualities people find attractive.

Don't stifle your snorts when you laugh, ladies.

Quoting Shakespeare is pretty sexy...

Give yourself some credit.

You never know who you're turning on with all that note-taking.

The gonorrhea-free look is so timeless.

I take this as an excuse to adopt all the puppies.

Um, hi, did I mention I like dogs?


A peanut with a personality? Now we're talking.

Dank memes -- no matter your race, or your race.

This guy should move to LA where everyone's talent is exercise.

Obviously, I saved the best for last.