Jenna Marbles Relived Her Worst Middle School Beauty Looks

Like every middle schooler, I was a nightmare looks-wise.

Curly hair, weight gain, the beginnings of acne, short-sightedness and boobs all hit within a six-month period, leaving me both stunned and sweaty. I was a quintuple-threat, but not in a good way. It took me a solid four years to recover.

The only people allowed to see photos from that hellacious time are my immediate family and significant others I've been dating long enough to live without the fear of them screaming and running away.

My older sister, crafty as always, actually sneaked her photos out of my mom's album and secreted them away. They may or may not exist only as ashes.

Instead of hiding from those memories, YouTube genius Jenna Marbles is choosing to relive them — retainer and all.


She recently posted a "middle school makeup challenge," trying out her first attempts at beauty on camera. For '90s babies, you already know what you're in for: those weird head-comb hairbands, butterfly clips and blue mascara.

She's not the only vlogger taking the challenge, either. Plenty of ladies are willing to put their dignity aside for the sake of nostalgia.

What a time to be alive, indeed.

If you belly-laughed at Jenna's "Ultimate 100 Coats Of Things" video, the next 12 minutes are going to be the funniest of your day.

Pour one out for crappy Claire's chokers, and the front-of-face hair tendrils Kendall Jenner keeps trying to bring back (unsuccessfully, thank god).