If You Want, You Can Actually Buy 'The Dress' In 4 Different Colors

Now that we've finished debating the color of "The Dress" that polarized the Internet yesterday, it's time to start shopping.

The Birmingham, England-based clothing brand, Roman Originals, was only too happy to claim the $77 (£50) dress as its own, tweeting to inform followers that the dress is actually blue and black.

Whether you prefer the viral dress in red, white, blue or pink, Roman Originals has an option for you.

Unfortunately, you can't buy it in white and gold just yet, but I'm betting we'll see that version soon.

Luckily for you, "The Dress" is still for sale.

We can confirm #TheDress is blue and black! We should know! — Roman Originals (@romanoriginals) February 27, 2015

It's a mid-length that's perfect for weddings.

The lacy ruffles and bodycon shape aren't everyone's taste, of course.

I'm predicting this dress will be Halloween's hottest costume.