WTF Item Of The Week: A Korean Chin Sling Mask For Your Saggy Jawline

by Emily Arata

Did you think your neckline was pretty much fine? Well, you're wrong.

While you were making friends and living your life, your chin skin decided to rebel. For years, it's been slyly forming creases and moving away from your mouth. It is now an eyesore, best described as "crepe-y."

This afternoon, I was introduced to the Miss Spa Tone Hydrogel Chin Mask, which promises to "tone" and "lift" that pesky facial fat you've been denying. If you hadn't noticed anything was wrong with the bottom half of your face before, you certainly will now.


Like a glamorous Hannibal Lector, slip the mask's holes over your ears and situate your chin in the center like a boob in a freshly-washed bra. Press the edges until it clings, then waste half an hour of your precious and limited personal time waiting for nothing to happen.

Did you move? Don't move. That's not in the instructions and frankly, you're not taking any of this seriously enough. No one wants to hang out with the "saggy chin" girl.

The V-Lifting Mask, as it's more commonly called, reportedly contains a mixture of vitamin C for toning and hydrogel, designed to moisturize. Although it may appear so, there is no actual creepy mannequin included in the mix.