Would You Eat Breast Milk Lollipops?

Yep, you read that title correctly. I know the female body is cool and all, but breast milk lollipops? Breast milk is something that’s, you know, reserved for your child, post childbirth. It’s just plain creepy to think that someone would even imagine using breast milk for anything other than to nurture a child.

However, the great state of Texas feels otherwise. Texas-based vegan lollipop maker Jason Darling has created a company called Lollyphile. Lollyphile is fondly known for their unique lollipop flavors, including absinthe, Sriracha, habanero tequila, maple bacon and chocolate bacon (okay, those don’t sound bad at all).

Two days ago, Darling launched Lollyphile’s newest lollipop flavor, breast milk. The lollipop was created after Darling taste-tested multiple women’s lactation samples until coming up with the precise flavor. I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Darling spoke to the L.A. Times and concluded that milk produced from the mother of a preemie baby is the most delicious:

“She had higher levels of colostrum, which made it sweeter, blue and thicker. It all kind of tastes sort of like almond milk, but sweeter.”

Um, alright dude, if you say so. I shouldn’t be so mean to Darling, though. Apparently, other companies in the recent past haven’t shied away from using actual breast milk in recipes (no real breast milk is used in Darling’s lollipops).

According to STFU Parents, breast milk makes for a delicious cake. Last year, Gothamist reported that an NYU-based project set about developing “human cheese” from breast milk: Specifically, Wisconsin cheddar.

I can’t even properly sign off this article without getting too grossed out.

Photo Credit: Getty Images