10 Real Brides Confess Their Biggest Bridezilla Moments


At the very top of the long list of things every girl who plans to marry promises herself is that she will never become a bridezilla.

Whether you're single, married or perpetually a bridesmaid, we've all come across women who have transformed into Miranda-Priestly-meets-a-White-Walker during weeks before the wedding day.

I've always wondered how even the best of people reach bridezilla status almost overnight. Is there a trigger point in the wedding planning process that just awakens the monster within? Is there a time, place or even a series of words that, when strung together correctly, flip a switch and make the bride-to-be act in ways totally contrary her former personality?

In an effort to understand, I found 10 real brides willing to admit their number one bridezilla moment. The good news is that most of them have been restored to sanity and now express remorse for their transgressions.

1. It happened at the grocery store.

“I was standing in the middle of the produce section and I screamed at one of the store's employees when he told me they were out of strawberries. I needed the strawberries for my bridal shower that was starting in an hour. I think -- no, I know -- that I took out six months of built-up wedding stress on this poor grocery store employee.” – Rose Y., 32

2. I forgot I was at work.

“I was on the phone with my wedding planner and I was furious because she told me the venue had forgotten to charge us $5,000 for our package and now they wanted us to pay that up front. It was ridiculous. I didn't handle it correctly and even let out a few curse words. I forgot I was in a conference room at work and my boss heard every word of that not-so-lovely convo.” – Rachel O., 27

3. My photographer got in the middle.

“We were taking engagement photos and I was upset that my fiancé didn't want to take any on the beach because he thought it was a little too cold. I had a mini temper tantrum and my photographer had to step in and help me chill out.” – Frannie W., 31

4. It was no cake walk.

“I had a bridezilla moment when we were cake testing. I didn't like the way their cakes tasted. I told them I would only use them if they let me go behind the counter and bake a sample cake myself. The manager came over and tried to reason with me. In the end, it was a mutual decision not to work together.” – Sarah B., 28

5. My groom was a saint.

“At least once a week I'd take out my wedding stress on my groom. He called it 'bridezilla time' and whenever it happened, he'd turn off the TV and give me his undivided attention. He says this happened at least three times a week but I think it was only one time a week, at most.” – Cathy Y., 32

6. I sent a second thank you letter.

“I ordered a custom wedding dress and made them remake the whole thing, from scratch, three times. I sent them two thank you notes and an Edible Arrangement post-wedding because I put them through so much.” – Samantha J., 29

7. Family is forever, right?

“I uninvited two family members because they were causing drama and stressing me out. I called them a week before the wedding and re-invited them.” – Georgia W., 28

8. They billed me later for the broken glass.

“I had a moment when we were in the store registering items for our wedding registry. I exploded about something stupid and accidentally knocked over a row of glasses with my arms. It looked like I threw the glasses purposely, but I swear I didn't. I paid for it all afterward.” – Beth O., 27

9. My bridesmaids were scared of me.

“I'm embarrassed to admit this, but at the time it mattered to me. I made my bridesmaids buy a certain pair of shoes and also grow their hair out as long as they could. I had some other very crazy rules that they still probably resent me for.” – Marissa R., 25

10. It was behind closed doors.

“I can admit I was a bridezilla, but a lot of it was when no one else was around. I was hard on myself and would be angry when I didn't get enough done from my to-do list. I once punished myself by canceling all my weekend plans and staying in to get everything done. I was a rough bride.” – Hannah K., 27