15 Millennial Bridesmaids Reveal The Worst Things Brides Made Them Do

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There's an unspoken girl code we share with our closest gal pals over the years. It says we will do whatever's needed to pull them out of a mess and get them standing back on two feet after a wild night out, a tear jerking breakup or even a temporary mid-twenties crisis.

But when we say yes to the bridesmaid dress and agree to transform from best friend to bridal wing women, we take that pinky-promised girl code to a whole new level. I'm talking about having to do things, see things and even say things you never imagined you'd do for another human being.

I've been a bridesmaid more times than I can count on both my hands and my feet. I'm embarrassed to tell you that, but I'm more embarrassed to tell you about some of the gross things I've had to do for my gal pal, the bride-to-be. I've picked up animal poop with my bare hands and moved poison ivy. I've walked a dog down the aisle and nursed a blackout drunk bride back to life at 11 pm on her wedding night.

But, I'm not alone in these uncomfortable tasks. That's why I asked 15 real ex-bridesmaids to admit the craziest thing they've had to do as one of their bride's warriors.

Hold back hair.

“I seriously had to hold the bride's hair back when she was puking the night before the wedding. She'll tell you it was from nerves, but the truth is it was from the six shots of vodka she took in an under an hour.”

– Raquel T., 31

Help with pee.

“I took the bride to the bathroom about eight times on her wedding day and used both of my hands to lift her dress up while she peed. I definitely got a little spray of pee on the bottom of my bridesmaid dress, which just gives me a solid reason as to why I'll never wear that ugly thing again.”

– Teresa W., 30

Dance with drunks.

“The bride put me on dance floor duty and told me to make sure the party was going all night long. That meant I had to bite the bullet a lot and dance with a lot of drunk uncles, groomsmen and even her grandpa, who was very touchy during the slow dance songs.”

– Claire G., 24

Find a missing groom.

“An hour before the wedding, nobody could find the groom. All the groomsmen said his phone was off, and they hadn't seen him. I had to take off my heels and go run around the venue to try and find him. I ended up finding him in his car, sleeping. He said he needed to take a quick nap. I think he just needed to sleep off his cold feet.”

– Fay K., 29

Make the dress fit.

“Her wedding dress was too small, which is like the worst problem to have minutes before it's time to get married. I had to get creative with safety pins and duct tape to get that dress on her. She could hardly breathe in it, and I broke two nails doing it, but it was worth it.”

– Veronica B., 28

Fire the wedding planner.

“A week before the wedding, every time the wedding planner would call the bride she would turn into a bridezilla and just scream at her. The wedding planner was awful, and the bride didn't know how to fire her. I had to pick up the phone and tell the wedding planner to not come to the wedding and that her job was officially done. I felt like quite the boss.”

– Wendy J., 25

Kick out the mother of the bride.

“The mom was a bit high strung on the wedding day. She wanted to make all these changes and had all these questions. The bride asked me to get her mom away from her, so I had to pull her mom aside and ask her to leave for a little while. It was awkward. The mom probably still hates me.”

– Kendra L., 28

Give up the bouquet.

“I caught the bouquet fair and square. Not like I believe anything lucky is going to happen to me because of that, but I caught it. The bride ran over to me and grabbed it out of my hands. She wanted her cousin to catch it because she wanted her cousin to get engaged. I handed it over, but it was just embarrassing because 200 people were watching this scene happen.”

– Clarissa U., 23

Dig in the trash.

“By 9 pm, my hands were deep into an industrial size trash can, looking for the bride's wedding band. It had slipped off her hand, and she thought it ended up in the trash. I was the person whose job it was to dig around and find it.”

– Jessica K., 27

Give up a bra.

“I had a perfectly fitting bra that helped give me a boost in my bridesmaid dress. The bride's bra made her itch too much. We were the same size, or close to the same size. So she asked if she could have my bra. I gave it to her and went braless for the night.”

– Rachel E., 29

Steal hairspray.

“Sorry, hotel salon. We needed a can of hairspray, so I grabbed one and put it my purse. There was no time to drive to CVS, and if I didn't come back with a can of spray in my hands, I'd face the ultimate bridezilla.”

– Lauren B., 28

Call off the wedding.

“This task was sad as much as it was awkward. I had to be the one to tell people, a week before, that the wedding was called off. The bride and groom decided it was over. They both kind of disappeared after that, and I was asked to announce the news, via text, to friends.”

– Jamie L., 27

Cope with cold feet.

“My phone rang at 9 pm the Sunday before the wedding. The bride had cold feet and needed someone she could trust to talk about it. I didn't know if I should tell her to get married or call it off. I just listened and had her talk through what she really wanted to do.”

– Lindsey K., 29

Stuff food into my bra.

“Weddings as a bridesmaid or bride make you hungry. I kept crackers in my bra to feed the bride whenever she needed a quick snack.”

– Kara P., 25

Hold already-been-chewed gum.

“I held the bride's gum in between pictures. She could have taken a fresh piece, but she insisted in a very bridezilla way that I just hold onto the piece she was chewing and give it back to her when she was ready. It was so gross.”

– Dana H., 27