This Video Shows The Insane Contraceptives Women Have Used Throughout History


Weasel testicles, onion juice and crocodile feces are only a few of the things women throughout history have used for contraceptives.

In an effort to promote worldwide access to birth control, an EngenderHealth campaign called "Where's The Family Planning?!" is enlightening viewers as to the many ways women have tried to avoid pregnancy.

The video presents the idea that women from Ancient Egypt to modern times have sought out contraceptives, and now that we have modern tactics, there are many women who still cannot use them.

Contraceptives are even more effective and less expensive than ever before, but low funding and inefficient distribution methods block the way.

Over 220 million women worldwide have no access to family planning, especially those in extremely poor areas where women cannot support large families.

Put down the weasel testicles and ask yourself why.