Ladies, Why You Need To Have Sex Appeal And Swagger To Be Successful

by Lila Buchalski

Sex appeal is often confused for a female’s inclination towards sexual promiscuity. However, a woman will achieve more when properly exploiting her sex appeal. This power will take you to the right places and the right events, as long as it’s done correctly.

We find ourselves at an interesting time in female liberation. Women don’t have to fight so hard for equal rights. As a general rule, we may not make AS much as some men, but we are doing well for ourselves. However, succeeding does require a woman to toe the line between serious businessperson and a generally interesting human.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to have men in the workplace look at you as someone dateable, but then have them realize just as quickly that a professional relationship is their only option. Women need to see you as trustworthy, not a threat. These messages need to be delivered without appearing frigid or aggressive because being included and admired is the fastest way to success.

Most importantly, never let your hoo-ha function as the company ink well. Those pens may drive a nice car, have the corner office and lure you in with promises of career advancement, but they are not worth it. They will never leave their wives if they’re married, the other females in the office will find out and talk about you endlessly, and the other men in the office will wonder when they get to take their dip. A successful man, whether he’s married or not, wants to be the alpha. Therefore, in reality, your advancement is not even on their radar. Find someone else to wrap your legs around who does not work in your office.  I know you can do it.

The image you project must emulate success and confidence. Projecting that image requires honesty. Many have the inclination to lie to make their selves sound better. Lying about personal or professional achievements will get you nowhere. The professional bonds you should be seeking come from relating to people on true and meaningful levels.

Without sharing too much personal detail with coworkers, your relationships at work must still thrive on people feeling as though they know you and how you operate. Being trustworthy is key, and the only way to achieve that is to ALWAYS do what you say you’re going to do and consistently take responsibility for your actions.

Aesthetically speaking, no men want to work with a woman wearing sensible 2” pumps and boxy polyester clothes. On the other hand, 6” heels and a super tight dress can send the wrong message to both male and female coworkers. The clothes you wear say a lot about who you are. Your appearance should still look good if you make a guest appearance for drinks after work at a trendy spot.

Never should your look be matronly or boring, or your outfit be mistaken for one that would be flirty enough for a real date. The wrap dress is your go to, and when it doubt, just don’t wear tight with tight. For example, a pencil skirt that hugs that ass of yours needs to be paired with a shirt that isn’t quite so form fitting or cleavage oriented.

Speaking your mind regarding projects and concepts is also important. This should always be done with a reasonable level of gentility. There is no reason to shout over people or become overly aggressive when sharing your ideas. Being officious doesn’t make people want to work with you or hear what you have to say. Wait to comment until you have a thought that is vital. If you do this regularly, soon others will recognize your opinions in high regard and will pause to ask your opinion if they do not do so already.

Talking like one of the guys is also a necessary evil that requires certain finesse.  Dropping the occasional and well-placed f-bomb makes you real and amusing. Dropping that f-bomb every other sentence makes you look classless and strictly qualified for the mailroom. Know your sports. You do not have to watch every game, but know about the week’s sports headlines and where the big teams are ranking these days.

Understand the basic rules of the big four leagues (football, baseball, basketball and hockey). All men want to be around a woman who would go to a game with them and be at least reasonably interested in what is going on. This modicum of knowledge makes men feel like you are not an ice princess who will cry at the drop of a hat, and that itself is very sexy and powerful.

The overall goal is to be fun, but not accessible. You are always out around town, but not including those who you work with in your personal debaucheries. You do not discuss your hangover, or your sexual conquests in detail. You are someone special, fun, trustworthy and someone with her shit together. You are missed when you do not attend a company function, but not because everyone is wondering who you are going to go home with this time. You are missed because without you, the party is just less.

Photo courtesy Tumblr, Vogue