15 Reasons Why You Only Go To Work For Your Work Bestie

by Elite Daily Staff
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There are very few (but cherished) things that motivate us to get up and go to work every single day. There’s the paycheck, the innate need to feed your passion, perks -- and the one that is most earnest of all: your work bestie.

The days when she is absent are conveniently days that you request to work from home because there’s no point in going in if she’s not there. You rely on each other like books on a shelf, ink on computer paper... you get the idea.

You both understand that there’s work to be done, but not on your friendship. Here are the 15 signs the only reason you go to work is for your work bestie.

1. The gossip is totally new

Show me a girl who doesn’t love a little harmless gossip, and I’ll show you someone who isn’t my friend. The drama that goes on at work is even better than what you would have watched staying home.

And when your work bestie has the scoop that Mike from Accounting is getting fired for servicing Kelly from HR’s er, jammed box, you are so thankful you’re there to see it go down.

2. She’s better, faster and more reliable than the deliveryman

When there’s no chance you’re leaving your desk, your work bestie doesn’t even think twice about grabbing lunch for you. She already knows how you take your coffee and which salad dressing is your favorite.

Her only regret? You won’t be able to accompany her on a 10 minute quick-sh*t-talk-everyone-in-the-office break.

3. She also has the same reasons to drink on a Monday

Your work bestie is right there in the trenches with you and will gladly validate your need to drink excessively... by drinking with you.

When you’re feeling weird for going home and finishing an entire bottle of wine before dinner (ahem, ahem), you can always count on your work bestie to text you back, “SAME!”

4. You’ve been holding off your breakup until you get to the office

So that she can be there to help coach you through it. She already knows every detail about your relationship from spending the better part of the work-week with you.

Now she’ll know every detail about your breakup from witnessing the play-by-play next to you. You two can finally hook up!

5. She makes you feel better about being poor

She understands what it’s like to have to choose between morning coffee for the week and a manicure that will only last a week.

Especially when being at work is a physical reminder of just how pitifully compensated you are, your work bestie proves to you that you can get by.

6. You need a free tampon

Perhaps it comes with carrying a utilitarian work bag (read: a bag that stores all the plentiful sh*t you need to last eight hours), but work besties seem to always have a tampon in their purses. Surf’s up!

7. She will decorate your desk on your actual birthday

So maybe it’s not that elaborate, but at least she’s really there to celebrate your day and mean it.

8. She doubles as your therapist

You can tell her about the time you lied and used your fake dying Grandma as an excuse to get out of the field trip. You’re completely yourself and can trust she won’t say anything because her loyalty in all of this is exclusively to you and vice versa.

You often find yourself saying things like, “THANK GOD I HAVE YOU.”

9. She will listen to you bitch about your hangover

She can smell the rotting alcohol and makeshift work outfit inspired by last night before you’ve even sat down. In exchange for full details, she’ll get coffee and wait it out with you.

10. You don’t even bother putting on makeup anymore

You don’t gotta dress-up for your lover! She’s the only person who won’t tell you that you look tired today.

11. She knows exactly what you’re talking about when you bitch about your boss

And she gives the best advice out of anyone else because she gets it for real. Commiserating with her is worth more than an Oprah special on Lindsay Lohan.

12. She eats with you

Girlfriend lays down the law with her mouth -- and we mean that in a completely non-sexual way.

She never makes you feel weird about an 11 am post-breakfast binge or second lunch at 4 pm. You know her favorite snacks and she knows yours. It's sweet.

13. She also finds water cooler chat hilarious

OK, you two are just plain weird. No one enjoys office small talk.

14. You need career advice

When you're struggling with genuinely appreciating where you work, it's your work bestie who can give you unfiltered advice. She understands it from all the angles.

15. She will remind you of your strengths even when you can’t see them

She knows your work ethic like an excel spreadsheet, which makes her feedback more earnest than others’.

Having a work bestie is like having a cool mom to take care of you and support you and cheer you on and give you tough love when you need it.

For as long as you two are fortunate enough to work in the same space, your lives are intertwined like an extended family.