These Portraits Of Groundbreaking Women Are Truly Inspiring

by Alexandra Svokos

Sons and Brothers, a group dedicated to empowering young people of color, has been celebrating Women's History Month with portraits of women who have changed their communities.

The portraits include Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian-American Muslim scholar, activist and media commentator.

The feminist movement has been known to fail minority women by not addressing issues facing non-white people and ignoring their contributions. Sons and Brothers' Women's History Month campaign celebrates women of color who have made huge impacts.

Like Charlene A. Carruthers, a black, queer feminist community organizer and writer.

These are women who have stood up against injustices. The women included range from Queen Liliuokalani, the last queen of Hawaii, to Diane Guerrero, the Colombian-American actress known for her roles in "Orange is the New Black" and "Jane the Virgin."

It also includes Amandla Stenberg, actor, musician and activist.

The portraits were made by Melanie Cervantes, a California-based artist whose work is inspired by activism against discrimination and the ways people enact social change.

When we recognize Women's History Month, it's important we look beyond the typical classroom stories of Susan B. Anthony and Amelia Earhart. Women are working to improve communities and fight societal issues, and too often their work is overlooked. Sons and Brothers celebrates these women and teaches us important lessons about their work.

You can check out the portraits on the group's Facebook, Instagram and website.