Things Women Need To Do To Get Ahead At Work

From having the very first woman run for president of the United States to dominating and winning gold at the Olympics in Rio, 2016 has been the year of the woman.

This is the year that's put fire back into the hearts of girls all over the world.

But even with all these incredible accomplishments, there are things we do as women that hold us back, rather than propel us forward. Let's change that.

So, with this year drawing to a close, let me explain seven things you should stop doing to become a better woman:

1. Always Saying "Sorry"

Whether it's the guy in Starbucks who spilled his $5 grande latte on us or the businessman who bumped into us on the subway, we've all been taught to automatically apologize.

It's a knee-jerk reaction to anything that happens.

I probably burn around 300 calories a day just constantly apologizing for meaningless things. The word "sorry" rolls off our tongues just as easily as the words "vodka soda."

But we have nothing to be sorry for.

So, the next time you find yourself on the street, running into a man and stepping left when he steps right, instead of apologizing, say "You're welcome."

2. Letting The Man Talk First

We always stop short of talking over men. We bite our tongues and wait our turn.

There are so many things we're passionate about, and we always have something to say.

But how many times have we been mid-sentence, our voices rising and hands starting to move as if we're doing a spot-on impression of Christina Aguilera, about to make our point, just to have a guy stop us and say, "Let me finish talking"?

Next time, don't stop and don't bite your tongue. Remind him, "Ladies first."

3. Worrying About Our Appearance

Sure, we all want to look our best and be seen in our best light.

But we also have the deep-rooted fear that if we're not made up to perfection, our personalities won't make up for us slightly resembling a newly homeless person.

I once took an hour-long train ride home just to fix my makeup before a date because the restaurant we were meeting at was nowhere near a Sephora.

So if your eyeliner has smudged and your contour now resembles more of a base tan, own it. This is your war paint.

4. Letting The Guy Decide

You meet up with your date for the evening and decide to go to dinner. But then, you hear him say those six dreaded words: "Where do you want to eat?"

Yes, sometimes, we want the guy to take control. But more often than not, we're scared we'll pick something he won't like. Then, he'll just spend the rest of the evening slightly irked he had to eat sushi when he really wanted pizza.

Take advantage of it: How often are you going to go to Nobu for dinner?

If you're like me and spend 90 percent of your paycheck on overpriced coffee and Urban Decay Naked palettes, not often.

So take advantage of it, honey. He's paying, and since he's making $1 to your every 70 cents, he can afford it.

5. Obsessing Over Our “Number”

We're always embarrassed – and sometimes even ashamed of – the number of men we've slept with.

We've been programmed to think the higher the number, the bigger the slut we are. Don't be.

Whether it's five or 50, the number you've written down in your little black book is yours, and yours alone.

The fact that you were in a country where you don't speak the language and still managed to pull the cute guy at the bar is an accomplishment. Be proud of yourself.

The only numbers that matter are the ones in your cell phone and bank account.

6. Being Afraid Of Being Alone

Nothing seems to scare women more than the thought of being alone.

We convince ourselves we'll end up middle-aged, living with seven cats and hoarding issues of US Weekly.

Just because your parents met and married at 25 doesn't make it your path. You'll never be in the relationship of your dreams if you can't enjoy being alone first.

Take advantage of your alone time to really live life. Take the trip to Greece you've always wanted to go on, and decorate your apartment like your Pinterest board.

When you meet the person you're meant to be with, all the time you've spent alone will feel like nothing. Enjoy it.

7. Jumping To Conclusions

If you could burn calories by jumping to conclusions, I would already be at my goal weight.

I have a tendency to decide on something without having all the facts. It's something I'm working on, but like is the case with most girls, thinking myself into a hole of confusion and anxiety is just another Wednesday.

We need to learn to relax, take a deep breath and think things through rationally.

Everything happens for a reason, and everything you do will get you to where you're supposed to be.

So ladies, we might not have broken the glass ceiling yet, but that doesn't mean we can't keep adding cracks to it along the way.