These Women Wore Disney Princess Wigs For A Day, And It Was A Disaster

My first memory of wanting to be a Disney princess happened sometime during the first chorus of "Colors of the Wind." While Pocahontas belts out her truth, a gust of wind picks up her hair and swirls it gracefully.

The moment left 6-year-old me flabbergasted. Up until that moment, it hadn't dawned on me hair could look quite so inky, so thick or so full.

In fact, it probably hadn't even occurred to me that hair could be aspirational.

Soon, I was the proud owner of a Pocahontas Barbie doll, but she never quite lived up to that scene.

I have a fabulous head of hair, but it's never even come close to the standards of Disney princesses. Every girl you've ever met has probably had her own version of that revelation, too.

So, to try out these fantasy locks for a day, Buzzfeed asked three female staffers to wear makeshift Disney princess 'dos using clip-in extensions and wigs. Ariel, Rapunzel and Jasmine were all represented, and the team just had to go out into the world and try to live with all that hair.

The proposition might've seemed dreamy, but it quickly went downhill.

Hair is hot, it makes your neck sweaty and we all know no man — let alone a Disney prince — is attracted to sweatiness. Plus, if you're Rapunzel, you're carrying about 10 pounds of scraggly extra weight wherever you go.

Although the video has been live for only a day, it's already racked up 2.5 million views. Once you see these ladies get their Disney complexes shattered, you'll understand why.

Settle in for a laugh.