Who Run The World? Girls. Top 5 Ways To Succeed in Male-Dominated Industries


There is definitely a relation between gender and success. But not in the way you're thinking.

As any engineering major can tell you, there's a shortage of chicks, dude. Fewer women are applying to to STEM degrees.

And not because of that from another time argument your grandfather uses, stating than women have smaller, inferior brains meant for sewing pretty things and cooking.

It's because girls have lower confidence than boys.

According to a Florida State University study, girls tend to rate their own mathematics abilities lower than boys. Even when there is no actual difference between their test scores and academic achievements.

This lowballing isn't completely baseless. Society as it is now just isn't set up to reward men and women equally.

Men and women are perceived differently, and can perceive themselves differently. Men make more per hour than women for the same job.

Women can't tell people what to do because they'd be seen as domineering, or aggressive, where men would be seen as assertive leaders.

I think this comes from the idea of femininity. We teach our daughters to cross their legs, speak softly, always apologize and say "thank you" and "excuse me."

Girls are supposed to be polite, to be ladies, to not take up space.

(Men, on the other hand, take up all the space. You really don't need to manspread over three seats, dude on the subway on my commute home! This is a crowded train, let's try and not treat each other like shit.)

We need to be teaching our daughters that they can do anything. Not that they can do anything if they play a man's game.

This applies in the workplace too. But ideas are definitely changing, with the "boss bitches" becoming cultural staples, and more acceptable.

So here's how to kick ass and take names, despite being a *gasp* woman.

1. Own it

You've worked hard. You've done the time, just like everybody else. Don't sell yourself short, and definitely don't listen when people tell you you can't do something.

2. Use authoritative language

Don't apologize or say excuse me unnecessarily. When writing an email, instead of saying "I was wondering if you could" or "Would it be possible to", say "I'd like you to" or "Please do [insert task]."

3. Aim High

Studies show men often get hired over women with similar job experience simply because they went for it.

Women often see two or three points in a job description that doesn't describe them exactly, and think they are under qualified.

Whereas men tend to upsell. Even if they don't have some of the qualities described, they apply anyway. And they get it.

4. Cut the bullshit

Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. Women often don't get raises because, unlike men, they are afraid to ask for them.

Value your work and your contribution, and ask for appropriate compensation.

5. Don't listen

During your entire life, men will tell you what to do. A man will always have an opinion about how you can live your life better.

Fuck 'em. You are the master of your fate.

Nobody else has sailed the seas you have, and nobody else entirely understands where you are headed. Don't allow other people to determine your life.

Don't allow other people to determine your life.

My personal favorite way of dealing with mansplainers is a polite thank you as I walk away and let their idiocy float right out of my mind.

6. Savor the success

Don't forget to bask in the glow of your badass status. If you work hard, irrespective of private parts, you will get a return on your labor.

Don't let anyone diminish your accomplishments.

And most importantly, pay it forward. Help women around you: encourage them, mentor them, whatever it takes.

Help women around you: encourage them, mentor them, whatever it takes.

Girl kind must stick together in these pussy-grabbing times.