Women Experience Sexist Situations Every Day At Work

I'm prepared for internet trolls to be against this one.

It's definitely easier to make excuses for a problem, or delegitimize it, instead of choosing to tackle it head on.

If I were to share a story about women who've received large settlements for sexual harassment cases, I bet there'd be the "she just wanted the money," comments.

If I shared an example of a woman being talked over in a business meeting, or spending her workday thwarting unwanted advances, there would be responses like, "she should have stuck up for herself; a man would have!"

For this piece, finding women who had something to say about sexism in the workplace was strikingly easy. Every person I interviewed had an immediate story that jumped to mind.

But even so, there was something else each interviewee had in common: a request to be anonymous.

According to Taylor Morosco, JD candidate at the George Washington University of Law, the issue of speaking up against these sort of everyday "attacks" is more complicated than some would like to believe.

She told Elite Daily,

Below are the stories of eight millennial women who have experienced sexual harassment or sexism in the workplace. Different names have been used, but the experiences are very real, and happen every day.

Cara, 22, was asked to hug before a meeting.

Olivia, 28, was asked to "mother" her male co-workers.

Esmeralda, 24, was given unsolicited advice about her love life.

Alex, 25, had a recruiter at her office urge a potential employee to come in to "see the girl he'd be working for."

Rachel, 30, was ignored praise for her original idea.

Gloria, 24, was told no one took her seriously.

Becky, 29, witnessed a female co-worker get fired for being "distracting."

Lindsay, 25, was told she must not be receptive to her co-worker because of her "resting bitch face."