Women Rise Up; It's Time To Get Your Power Back

by Angelo Gage

Let's not get all excited, I'm not Beyonce trying to get all y'all single ladies to throw ya hands up; my intention here is to help women break the spell that society has continuously put on them for years and years on end.

Our beautiful, delicate women have been attacked in every which way possible by movies, magazines, music, you name it, with the subconscious message " You will never be good enough." Just like men have been brainwashed to buy things to get women; women have been brainwashed to believe they are never going to be truly beautiful unless they wear this, look like that, and even smell a certain way.

The countless industries that have spawned out of the insecurities of our women bring in billions a year. It's a big business to keep them down; insecure with their bodies and even their minds. And then you have the celebrities who undergo massive amounts of cosmetic surgery that our women look up to because of this horrendous fad of celebrity worship.

I am not against preserving one's age or taking small measures to try to stay beautiful, but when you are dramatically altering who you are as a person, I believe that is the biggest form of self-hatred you can imagine. Think of how many beautiful celebrities have ruined their image by altering their faces with cosmetic surgery; think of the women who made their image even worse than it already was (Big Ang from Mob wives).

I usually write my topics focusing on men, but I am have grown more aware of the similar attack on the female psyche which has driven our women into an engulfing hole that seems impossible to escape. These industries that set the standards of beauty, perpetuated by the media giants, have turned our women into mindless emotional lemmings who just follow the changing fads that come and go every year.

The manipulation  goes so deep, that even pictures in magazines are photo-shopped to achieve nearly impossible standards of beauty. With the help of the porn industry and horny, uneducated men who fuel these ideas of "perfection", women don't stand a damn chance unless they are dropping thousands of dollars a year on products to compete with these genetic goddesses of the female form.

In fact, it has forced women to adapt a more sexual style of fashion, behavior, and mindset to even get the attention of men. Ironically, sex does sell, and women are now selling themselves more sexually, desperately trying to hold on to whatever grounds they can while playing on the rigged field of the beauty industry. The once classy seductive vixen has been replaced by the drunk, table dancing, "coyote ugly" type female, who is just begging for attention and validation.

When was the last time you have gone to a club or lounge and saw a classy, sexy woman, who was clothed in such a way, spoke in such a way, that you were intrigued by her as if she came from a James Bond movie? I have yet to see one myself.

All I see now are these stuck up, insecure, half-naked, falsely empowered, new-age wanna be man eaters who just run around flaunting their fakeness in the most genuine manner possible. It is sad but true. And while these women run around with a sense of false pride, little do they know that real men are shaking their heads in pity when they see a potentially wonderful woman get lost in this labyrinth of deception.

But have no fear ladies, you can get out of this maze and regain your true power. You no longer have to continue falling into the clever traps of the beauty industry. You already are beautiful and perfect just the way you are. Am I saying don't wear makeup, stop shaving your legs, or don't whiten your teeth? Absolutely not. What I am saying is you don't have to conform to the philosophies of what these beauty industries are trying to force feed you. Your true beauty lies within.

You see, the truth of the matter is this: men love natural beauty. It is your natural genetic makeup that will determine if we are truly attracted to you or not. You can hide behind gallons of makeup, fake eyelashes, push-up bras, 70-foot high heels, and whatever other clever ways that have been devised to help you, but these are not your real traits, and thus will not be passed to your children.

Your fake breasts, Botox lips, fake butt injections, face lifts, or whatever extraordinary measures some women take to make themselves more beautiful, do not actually help in the long run. Why? Because we know all you are doing is fooling the eye.

Our genes know that you are lacking these traits naturally, thus, our children will not get the traits we are looking for from you, so the only thing your good for is a fun night and nothing more. Sorry, but it's true.

Now, who is consciously running around trying to match genetic compatibility? No one. This all operates on a unconscious level - so what can you do? Nothing. You don't have to do anything but be yourself because we are more complex than genetic robots.

Your physical beauty is only half of the equation; the other half of your beauty lies with your personality. So many women have fallen victim to this beauty industry hypnosis that they have become superficial beings, preoccupied more with looks than their own personality.

Hey, you want to modify your body, be my guest, as long as you are doing it for yourself and not because you think men will like you for it. Chances are, the faker you look, the less a man will take you seriously. No one wants an 80% plastic girlfriend or wife who is so insecure that all she is interested in is maintaining her false sense of beauty.

As cliche as it sounds, you are perfect the way you are now. There is no reason to alter yourself in any dramatic way. Do you really think you are going to suddenly find the man of your dreams once you get a boob job or a face lift? The kind of men who prey on insecure women, maybe.

Again, I am not against whatever you want to do to make YOURSELF feel better, as long as it is truly for you and no one else. However, the means you take to make yourself look better will not be the determining factor to winning a man over in the long run.

And don't take what I said the wrong way; there is nothing wrong with keeping up with current trends and doing what you must to keep yourself looking young, but remember that your looks will always fade and it is your personality and self confidence that will keep a man by your side.

So ladies, please remember that what really matters is how big your heart and mind are, not your butt or boobs. We will all one day be bags of loose skin; old wrinkly people with white hair who walk one mile per hour. Still, this is nowhere near as sickening of a vision than the idea of  conforming to the false societal standards of beauty, living a lie most of your life, and never being content with who you are.

Your true beauty lies within, and that will never age, wrinkle, or die unless you keep focusing on superficial matters and forget how beautiful you have always been. Never forget how beautiful you are, and never let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Angelo John Gage | Elite.