Women Have Amazing Responses To Ad About Being 'Beach Body Ready'

In the eyes of a protesting group in London, every single body is ready for the beach.

After a nutritional supplement brand, Protein World, launched a series of neon-yellow advertisements asking passersby if they're "beach body ready," hundreds of body positivity activists jumped into action.

A popular campaign called #Eachbodysready was created to encourage supporters to graffiti the ads featuring a toned model in a bikini.

The resulting controversy has become so heated, it inspired over 45,000 people to sign the Change.org petition encouraging Protein World's CEO, Arjun Seth, to remove his company's ads.

On May 2, more than 150 swimsuit-clad women and men of all sizes will gather in London's Hyde Park to 'take back the beach.'

While the debate rages on Twitter about the commoditization of the "beach body," Seth says it's actually been positive for his company's sales. He told Channel 4 News any action taken against the "aspirational" ads amounts to little more than petty vandalism.

Seth added,

They're terrorists, you can quote me on that.

An April 24 update to the petition against Protein World confirms the Advertising Standards Authority is investigating complaints.

The #Eachbodysready Facebook page posts images of graffitied ads.

Protein World has been quick to lash back at critics on Twitter.

You're god damn right @Catstello and I are beach body ready. No help needed, we're #alreadyperfect. #bodypositive pic.twitter.com/UysgHFkvpa — Fiona Longmuir (@EscapologistGl) April 22, 2015
@MrsBerich @ReneeSomerfield @ProteinWorld it actually says "are you beach body ready".. Do your research #FitFam — katie (@KTbunston) April 26, 2015
@lawrencedarcy We won't apologise to the irrational extremists who are causing criminal damage to our adverts — Protein World (@ProteinWorld) April 27, 2015
@lawrencedarcy This is not feminism, it is extremism. #getagrip #BeachBodyReady #Winning — Protein World (@ProteinWorld) April 27, 2015
@NicoleBurstein @lawrencedarcy Yes, and a criminal for vandalising @metpoliceuk — Protein World (@ProteinWorld) April 27, 2015
@JulietteBurton and it's ok to be fat and out of shape instead of healthy? We are a nation of sympathisers for fatties #doesnthelpanyone — Protein World (@ProteinWorld) April 23, 2015

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