Women React To Absolutely Cringeworthy Sex Advice From The Past (Video)

Being willing to receive constructive criticism and advice can serve to make a person a more complete and competent individual... Unless, of course, that advice is some outdated bullsh*t about how women should act around men.

If that's the case, ignore it. Just -- you know what? Pretend it’s Kim Kardashian West's 2011 dance-pop single “Jam (Turn It Up)” and IGNORE IT.

In a video titled “Women React to Sex Advice from History, Part 1,” Glamour asked a select group of ladies to get comfy and leaf through a few choice nibbles of intimate guidance.

The bulk of advice served to edge women into sad, submissive corners. The timeless (but not really even a little bit) advice of Ann Landers did make a brief appearance when she counseled ladies to engage in vigorous housework to stay in shape and dull their sexual appetite.

One woman brilliantly replied,

[Landers] needs to write a book called ‘All The Sh*tty Things I Regret Writing’ and this should be [chapters] one through 25.

Luckily, at no point did any of these women seem up for testing any old-timey jewels of wisdom.