Women React To Absolutely Cringeworthy Sex Advice From The Past (Video)


Being willing to receive constructive criticism and advice can serve to make a person a more complete and competent individual... Unless, of course, that advice is some outdated bullsh*t about how women should act around men.

If that's the case, ignore it. Just -- you know what? Pretend it’s Kim Kardashian West's 2011 dance-pop single “Jam (Turn It Up)” and IGNORE IT.

In a video titled “Women React to Sex Advice from History, Part 1,” Glamour asked a select group of ladies to get comfy and leaf through a few choice nibbles of intimate guidance.

The bulk of advice served to edge women into sad, submissive corners. The timeless (but not really even a little bit) advice of Ann Landers did make a brief appearance when she counseled ladies to engage in vigorous housework to stay in shape and dull their sexual appetite.

One woman brilliantly replied,

Luckily, at no point did any of these women seem up for testing any old-timey jewels of wisdom.