Women Are Showing Less Skin By Choosing The Granny Panty Over The Thong

The New York Times has spoken, and the g-string is out.

According to a new report on lingerie trends from research company NPD Group, sales of thongs dropped 7 percent this past year.

And the full-bottomed cotton panty has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of Victoria's Secret to replace it.

The Times reports this year saw a 17 percent increase in purchases of underwear styles boasting more modest coverage, like boyshorts.

Chalk it up to the popularity of all-too-real shows like "Girls" or trendy normcore style, but like the Birkenstock, the high-waisted panty found a new wave of fans.

According to the Times, women love the combination of comfort and simplicity the brief provides.

Somewhere between the filters of Instagram and flashy style blogs, realness is having a moment right now.

This past year shed light on the importance of wavy hair looking like you came straight from the shower, skin care in lieu of makeup and, of course, the art of appearing effortlessly put together.

It's only fitting more comfortable undies follow suit.

With unprecedented candidness, women are choosing to identify themselves as more than just sex symbols.

Female customers are eschewing lace-up g-strings in favor of white boyshorts because the woman is sexy no matter her underwear choice.

For the women of 2015, the granny panty is the new push-up bra. Go forth and be comfortable.

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