This Is The One Thing You Never Realized Makes Other Women Jealous Of You

by Talia Koren
Kristen Curette

When I put on makeup in the morning, I'm not concerned with how other people will view me for wearing it -- it just makes me feel good. Generally, most women have a similar relationship with makeup. It's fun, it's practical and it's really a form of expression.

I can't lie, though -- I have definitely felt makeup envy before. It's impossible to scroll through Instagram without marveling at someone's makeup, wondering how that person found the time to get such flawless eyebrows.

But the jealousy goes deeper for some women.

Based on a recent study published in "Perception" led by Dr. Mileva at the University of Stirling, both men and women make judgments based on what type of makeup you're wearing.

The judgments that people make aren't about how you look, however, they're about your personality and how dominant you are.

When it comes to makeup, women judge other women who wear a certain amount to be more dominant as well as more promiscuous. Men, on the other hand, see women who wear makeup as more prestigious.

How did they figure this out? The researchers had men and women rate female faces with a standardized amount of makeup on looks, dominance and prestige.

According to the results, women were incidentally jealous of other women wearing makeup because, based on their assumptions, they considered them to be more attractive to men. The promiscuity judgment also made the cosmetic-bearing women seem like a threat in some way.

It makes sense that men and women perceive dolled-up faces differently but, obviously, how much makeup a woman wears doesn't really indicate anything about her personality.

It's not like when I put on makeup in the morning, I ever consider that how much I put on affects how jealous other women might (or might not) be of me.

I guess what it really comes down to is that if another woman thinks you're hotter than she is or more attractive to other men, she's likely to be jealous of you.