Call Me Wonder Woman: 20 Times Every Woman Feels Like A Superhero

Most comic books and children’s stories are packed with superheroes who hide behind handsome men. Just look at Superman, Batman or Spider-Man.

You can actually count on one hand the number of women who save the world.

The truth is, women are daily superheroes who juggle work and family.

It's through routine that every woman manages to be the hero of her own life. It is the simple things, like preparing breakfast and putting on makeup while choosing the best outfit, that turn women into real fairies.

Sometimes, one of the best compliments you can pay a woman is, “I don’t know how you did it.”

Her secret will most probably remain untold, but she will be flattered someone has finally noticed her efforts.

She will keep spreading magic dust and turning villains into unicorns. At least, that’s what it feels like when we're doing small things unexpectedly.

There are plenty of examples, but let’s stick to 20 times every woman feels like a superhero:

1. When we change a lightbulb or fix something in the house.

Hello, Mr. Plumber?

No need to come over. I just wanted to let you know I cleaned the pipes, fixed the broken window and mended the furniture.

2. When we get a cab.

Have you ever tried to find a cab on a rainy day during rush hour?

It’s a gamble. That’s why you get the "I am the champion" feeling when you succeed.

3. When we run in heels.

Just moving around for more than one hour in five-inch heels will turn you into Wonder Woman.

If you start running in those shoes, you deserve a statue.

4. When we don't spill something on our white dress.

Personally, I'm a master of disaster when I eat while dressed up.

You get bonus points if you don’t have to cover yourself up with napkins to avoid the mess.

5. When we cross the street in a hurry.

It makes no difference if it’s a green light or just a regular crossing for pedestrians; drivers will likely stop and allow you to pass.

6. When we cook without burning down the house.


7. When we get a discount.

If you're trying to get a nice discount on that car as a man, it takes some great negotiating skills.

But if you're a woman, a smile and a piercing look will do the trick.

8. When we window-shop.

It takes a lot of super power to curb your urge to buy all those clothes that don't fit into your budget.

9. When we get out of an argument without raising our voice.

Yes, superheroes need to keep their calm in order to be reasonable and get out of fishy situations.

If you also end the argument at the right time and make everyone happy with the result, you should write a handbook.

10. When we grab coffee before 8 am.

It should be illegal to wake up superheroes before 8 am, but the world needs saving, even that early in the morning.

That’s why coffee is like spinach to Popeye or the cape to Zorro.

11. When we attend more than one event in one night.

Not even Wonder Woman can be in two places at the same time, but if you really have to go to both events (or all three), you have to stick to a schedule.

Although you may be late (fashionably, I would add), it’s better than not showing up at all.

12. When we wake up with no hangover.

Maybe it’s just practice, or maybe it’s the leather suit that turned you into Superwoman.

But if you don't have a hangover after last night’s alcohol, there must be some magic in you.

13. When we make someone smile.

If you get someone to smile, don’t you just feel your heart warming?

Yeah, it's just like Batman when he saved the world.

14. When the rain stops as we go out.

Even the weather is afraid of a superhero.

15. When we go to the gym at the end of the day.

If I have a hectic day, I always choose to put my remaining energy into fitness.

It will benefit me in the future, and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

16. When we learn new things.

If you actually put some passion and ambition into your hobbies, like dancing, horseback riding or learning to play the guitar, you will do whatever you want.

17. When we multitask.

Does blogging while watching a movie and having a roast in the oven sound familiar?

Yeah, we all do it.

18. When we remember birthdays and anniversaries.

It's usually expected for women keep a mental calendar, while men are too distracted to remember these kinds of things.

But women are allowed to be busy and forget as well.

So, don’t pretend it was our job to remember buying that present.

You should be more thankful for our brain power.

19. When we successfully reschedule.

For someone who doesn’t accept no for an answer very easily, getting an appointment canceled at the last minute is frustrating and annoying.

But rescheduling is more than humanly possible.

20. When we wake up.

I know I stated previously no one should have to be up before 8 am.

But no matter what time you're up, the simple act of enjoying a beautiful morning makes you feel like Wonder Woman.