Swap Your Clothing


Everyone has those moments where they’re absolutely sick of their wardrobe. They’ve worn everything before, have been photographed in everything before, and are just looking for a change.

Of course, one could always go shopping, but what to do with all of your old and boring clothes? It’s not smart to just throw them away. You could always donate them to a good cause, or sell them, but what about swapping your clothes?

There’s a new online marketplace available for women in your predicament, and it’s kind of fabulous. It’s called Bib + Tuck, and what it is, is a service that allows you to continually, and affordably, refresh your closet by trading clothes and accessories with fellow bloggers, editors and street-style mavens.

The New York based founders of the site, Sari Azout and Sari Bibliowicz, explained:

“You have a piece that you wore for one season, and something similar turns up three seasons later. It’s old news for you, but for someone else it’s a cool item that fits a new trend. It’s like picking out of your friends’ personal closets- and those of other stylish women around the world.”

Awesome idea! Basically, users upload styles photos of the pieces they’d like to sell, and flip through published profiles to buy items using virtual “bucks”, which is currency allotted to each member when she joins.

Membership is free, but currently is only invitation only. Additional bucks are earned when users sell an item, and can also be purchased like airline miles.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images