Powerful Women: Rachel Zoe

Perhaps one of the greatest worries undergraduates (or even post-graduates) have is whether or not they’re making the right career choice. Choosing a career is stressful and one can never guarantee that they will love their job, or if they’ll even have a job. People with these worries are relieved to know that there are success stories of people who took their career in a different direction than their education suggested.

Rachel Zoe, born Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig, is a perfect example. Born in New Jersey, Zoe had a typical life before attending George Washington University where she majored in sociology and psychology. Post-grad Rachel began working in New York City at the magazines Gotham and YM. It was at these magazines that she was given the opportunity to express herself and her personal love for fashion by styling young celebrities, such as Britney Spears, for magazine photo shoots.

Inspired by her efforts at Gotham and YM, Zoe began styling freelance, eventually working her way up to notoriety when Nicole Richie hired Zoe to be her stylist. Together, Richie and Zoe began what is known as ‘Boho Chic’, the style of wearing baggy clothing with oversized jewelry and accessories.

Zoe used this notoriety to her advantage and began building a styling company. By 2007 Zoe had 20 celebrity clients who each paid $6,000 a day to be dressed by Zoe. Zoe has kept this business ongoing by continuing to make Rachel Zoe a household name. In 2008 Zoe was offered a reality show on the network Bravo. Her show became a major success and now Zoe styles photo shoots as well as red carpet events, parties, and day-to-day outfits.

In addition to owning a high profile styling company and holding a spot as one of Bravo’s most recognized reality show stars, Zoe released her first line as a designer this past year. The line has done incredibly well and Zoe plans on making Rachel Zoe a full lifestyle brand.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images