Powerful Women: Anna Piaggi


Being powerful doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a high-profile job or title. To be powerful you must be prestigious and influential and who else can compare to the prestige and influence of the Italian fashion icon Anna Piaggi.

Unfortunately, today the fashion world is mourning the loss of the powerful, prestigious and influential Anna Piaggi, aged 81, who was found dead in her home in Milan earlier today.

Piaggi has been active in the European fashion community for decades. Making her mark at Vogue Italia in the 1970’s, Piaggi was notorious for her Doppie Pagine or Double Page spreads which compiled collages of words, ideas and images together representing what Piaggi felt was stylish. Piaggi also contributed as editor-in-chief of the cult like fashion magazine Vanity.

Piaggi’s eccentric style has perhaps been her most attracting attribute. Known for mixing bold prints and balancing courageous hats atop an electric blue curled hairstyle, Piaggi was an inspiration to any adventurous dresser.

In 2006, the Victoria & Albert Museum showcased an exhibit on Piaggi’s impressive closet collection, which included 2,865 dresses, 265 pairs of shoes, 31 feather boas and 932 hats.

Piaggi leaves behind a legacy and her eclectic and vintage style will continue to inspire us all.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images