Why It's Okay To Be Cocky And Confident, Even If You're Not

by John Picciuto

There are many things I don't understand about women (that's evident, I'm sure). But there is one thing in particular that has recently blown my mind. I was talking to a girlfriend of mine (a female friend), who is someone I absolutely consider a ten. She's gorgeous. I mean truly stunning. Men hit on her constantly.

Now, while talking to her she shattered a very common misconception often associated with gorgeous women, which is that they're all conceited and into themselves. Crazy right? Stay with me here.

My friend explained to me that she feels that no girl will ever admit she thinks she’s pretty. She said almost every girl thinks there is something about her that could be better, whether it’s a small bump on the nose, or a few freckles here and there. All girls are not as cocky or confident as I originally thought. Shocking? Maybe not completely, but it was a revelation nonetheless.

To be honest, in my opinion there is nothing sexier to me than a girl who is confident. A girl who carries herself with a certain level of cockiness and sexiness is a huge turn on. As a guy, you want a girl who’s able to go out and feel comfortable in her own skin. I can't stand a girl who’s always fishing for compliments, or as I call them, pityments (pity compliments). Listen, I'm all for building up my girl, telling her she's beautiful, smart, etc.

As a man, it should be extremely commonplace to compliment your woman every chance you get. But I really cannot stand when it's something that's asked for. You shouldn't have to ask your guy for a compliment. There's a problem if you do.

Another thing my friend told me is that no girl will ever feel like she’s perfect. Besides my being completely dumbfounded by this statement, I had a very simple rebuttal to her point. What I think is that where a girl sees imperfections, I see beauty.

To be fair, there is truly only beauty in uniqueness. I mean there are absolutely no perfect people in this world, right? None. So when are we going to realize it’s what makes us different that makes us sexy?

I can truthfully say that all women are beautiful and I’d sure hope a lot of men out there would agree with me. There’s something endearing and intriguingly beautiful about all women. But what is it about women that will not allow them to recognize their own beauty? Confidence is obviously one key. Guys want girls who aren't afraid to take chances and to take it a step further, even some who are cocky enough in themselves that they know they look good.

So what’s the point to all of this? Where am I going with this? Honestly, whether you think you’re gorgeous or not, my advice to all women is to carry yourself in a manner that shows the world you don’t give a f*ck what anyone thinks. No matter what people say, you are beautiful. Act as if you’re comfortable in your skin, even if you’re not.

I know it isn't easy to love yourself and all of your flaws, and in a society of 90-pound models, who can blame you? But understand that every woman is beautiful. Own your beauty. I don’t think I’m the best looking guy in the world and I'm perfectly okay with that. But I carry myself with confidence, regardless. That’s the trick, the key.

It's the borderline cocky/confident line you have to toe. Whether you feel it or not, exude confidence. People will be drawn to you because of it, and most importantly, you’ll genuinely feel beautiful because of it. Only accept the people in your life who promote that feeling inside of you.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr