Woman In Mini Skirt Gets Catcalled Zero Times While Walking In Mumbai (Video)

by Gillian Fuller

There are men out there who argue it's what a woman wears that makes her the subject of street harassment.

Aside from missing the point entirely, that sentiment is just untrue.

In a now-viral video, a woman walked around New York and was routinely harassed by men. In this case, the subject was wearing normal clothes: jeans and sneakers, nothing even slightly provocative.

Although the video has received some criticism, it showed the subject get catcalled or otherwise harassed 100 times in the course of 10 hours.

The team at IndieTube, a channel out of India, decided to test how a similar scenario would play out on the streets of Mumbai.

This subject, Pooja Singh, was dressed in a mini skirt and tank top. She took to the streets of India's most populous city and, to the surprise of many, wasn't harassed once.

The difference highlights two things. First, it seems to prove that a woman's choice of apparel isn't the determining factor in whether she'll be harassed, as the woman in the skimpier outfit was subjected to virtually no harassment compared to the woman who was more conservatively dressed.

It also depicts a scary truth: In a nation as developed as the US, women are still openly treated as less than equal. Instead of respected, it's part of normalized culture to treat women as objects.

If nothing else, this should make viewers stop and think about the implications of harassment and how the lack of balance in respect can -- and does -- negatively affect a society.

See the IndieTube video up top -- for comparison, be sure to watch the original New York-based social experiment.

We must join in solidarity to eliminate street harassment once and for all and give all women -- at home and abroad -- the respect they deserve.

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