6 Powerful Traits Of The Woman Who Lives A Stress-Free Life

All people experience stress at some point in their lives.

We know excessive stress is bad for the soul as well as the body, but telling people not to stress out in 2015 is like telling them to find the meaning of life.

Let's face it: Our society is a stress-outputting machine. It's basically built to give us anxiety.

However, I can argue, as women, we have more to stress about than men. We have our periods, childbirth and a complicated work-life balance.

But, there are ways we can prevent some stress.

With that being said, here are a few traits of the woman who never stresses out.

1. She always knows her next move.

The woman without stress has a plan for the day.

She knows exactly what needs to get done and to whom she needs to talk to do it.

She knows exactly when she's going to ask for a raise, and she already knows which position she'd like to get promoted to.

Sure, sometimes life throws you a curve ball and things don't go as planned, but that's okay. The woman who never stresses out always has a Plan B.

2. She never procrastinates.

Essay due next week? This woman starts now.

Big presentation Friday? This woman writes and prepares everything, so she can relax the night before without worry.

Our never-stressed lady has all her appointments in her calendar and budgets a certain amount of time to every task. She knows exactly when she will be done.

This way, she can zone out after hours and know she has completed a good, hard day's work.

3. She always does her research.

The never-stressed-out woman would never go into an interview unprepared.

She knows doing her research is an easy way to reduce stress during meetings and interviews.

When you're confident, you might actually have fun.

4. She budgets appropriately.

Our de-stressed lady doesn't want to worry about making ends meet.

She knows exactly how much to spend for groceries and entertainment, and she sticks to it.

Unfortunately, student loans are non-negotiable. She has to budget around those.

5. She says what she means.

One way to never stress about someone misunderstanding you is to always say what you mean.

There is no fluff and no beating around the bush. The stress-free woman has a clean conscience because she never lets anything go unsaid.

She can sleep well at night, knowing her voice was heard.

6. She asks for what she wants.

This woman has no time for mumbling, fumbling and hinting at what she wants.

When it's time for that raise, she asks for it. When she wants her man to be more available, she tells him.

Life is too short to not get what you want because you didn't ask for it.

It's an unnecessary stress this woman knows can easily disappear.

This advice really goes for all people. Work will always be annoying, relationships will always be messy and money will always be low.

However, by adopting some of these traits, you can prepare yourself for the slippery road ahead.

There are so many ways to live a more stress-free life. You just have to try them.