Woman Shows What Real Weight Loss Looks Like After Magazine Rejected To Show Her Stomach

Illinois blogger Brooke Birmingham had struggled with obesity for years, but was ecstatic when, through her own hard work and commitment to a Weight Watchers program, she lost 172 pounds.

Her story was set to be featured in a Shape Magazine before-and-after article, so Birmingham sent editors a photo of herself in a bikini, showing her excess skin that is commonly left over following drastic weight loss.

But Birmingham became frustrated when she received a reply to her images by the article's writer, asking for a different type of photo — one of her with a t-shirt on, to cover up the slimmed-down body she had worked so diligently to achieve.

In response to Shape, Birmingham posted an entry on her own blog about how the magazine rejected what "real" weight loss looked like.

Her story has since gone viral, as Birmingham has seemingly become proof that even news outlets that claim to promote healthy bodies still want to hide imperfections and maintain an unrealistic ideal among their glossy pages.

Shape Magazine has responded to the controversy, stating that this was a "misunderstanding" with the freelance writer who didn't fully grasp Shape's real editorial policy on posting these kind of pics.

Regardless of who is at fault here, we know who to commend: Birmingham, for being proud of herself and her body, and for not letting anyone bully her for her imperfections.

H/T: Today, Photos Courtesy: Brookenotonadiet.com