Woman Raises Domestic Violence Awareness By Posting Shocking Photos Of Abuse On Facebook (Graphic)

Warning: the below images are very graphic and might be really difficult to look at.

Regardless, they're an important reminder of the brutality behind domestic violence against women.

One brave woman, 37-year-old Angela Brower from Tennessee, broke up with her verbally and physically abusive boyfriend of six months.

He obviously didn't take the rejection well and assaulted Brower when he came over to her house to retrieve his belongings.

In the attack, he punched Brower so hard in the face that she passed out. But his fury didn't stop there — he was still hitting her when she came to, and finally Brower found the chance to escape, likely saving her own life.

After she was released from the hospital, Brower made the brave decision to showcase the injuries she suffered at the hands of her ex-boyfriend by posting photos of her bruised face to Facebook.

With images of her injured face, Brower wrote:

Does this look like LOVE TO ANYONE OF YOU?

Brower said she wants to show how horrific domestic violence really is, hopefully bringing awareness to the issue and encouraging others to immediately drop all contact with abusive significant others.

I want to raise awareness for women who are afraid and ashamed of what has been done to them. They blame themselves. I want them to know that it is not their fault.

Although the ex-boyfriend has been charged with aggravated assault, Brower is still dealing with the aftermath of her attack.

She's been documenting her recovery on Facebook, but it's been a long process that included a May 29 surgery removing bone fragments from her face and inserting a metal ring to keep her eye from collapsing.

H/T: Huffington Post, Photos Courtesy: Facebook