This Couple Credits Living Life Like It's The 1950s For Saving Their Marriage

To save her marriage, 49-year-old Mandy Jones traveled back in time to the 1950s, dressing in vintage frocks, driving a 1949 Chevy, listening to rockabilly records on a jukebox, and taking up the traditional cooking, cleaning and primping lifestyle -- and it worked.

The Tamworth, Staffordshire, woman claims that this retro life revived her marriage that had previously been "stuck in a rut."

She says,

Gary and I were sick of the same routine and we were bickering on a daily basis. We spent our weekends drinking at the pub until the early hours and it just got so boring.

And the 1950s changed all of that. She feels as though the transformation has made her a "better wife." Jones, who now "darns" Gary's socks and has dinner waiting on the table for him when he comes home from work, says she and her husband are closer than ever.

The couple loves the 1950s lifestyle: When the two first met 30 years ago, they bonded over their love of 50s fashion and rockabilly.

Now, they spend their free time exploring local vintage fairs and engaging in some Lindy Hop dancing. Mandy gushes,

We’re a lot happier living in the 1950s way, it has improved our marriage and enriched our lives. Before, we didn’t have much to excite us apart from drinking but now we do all sorts together and it keeps our relationship fresh.

She encourages all women to choose this lifestyle to keep their men happy, claiming that 1950s marriages definitely work better than those of present day.

She cites the fact that the divorce rate in 1950 was 26 percent and in 2013, it is 42 percent.

Sure, the divorce rate may have been lower, but marriage advice from the 1950s also includes "don’t bother your husband with petty troubles and complaints when he comes home from work."

I don't know about you, Mandy, but I want my problems to matter. So I'll take 42 percent over that 26 any day.