These Cartoons Perfectly Call Out Ridiculous Gender Stereotypes

Gemma Correll wants to change the way women are targeted and talked about in the media— specifically, in women's magazines.

The feminist artist believes women's magazines often perpetuate the cycle of female oppression and stereotyping through their portrayals of females and the female ideal.

So, she uses art — specifically, cartoons — to ridicule the common sexist norms and stereotypes she sees in popular media.

The 30-year-old has worked as a professional cartoonist for over seven years, and during that time, she's tackled a variety of topics, such as religion and politics, in her signature satirical tone.

The England native says,

I think the best way to get important issues across is to use humor.

She adds,

I think if you're annoying people, you're definitely doing something.

Only someone with no sense of humor could possibly find Correll's art “annoying” in any way. Her stuff is genius.

A personal favorite of mine, which you'll see below, is her “How to Drive Him Crazy in Bed” piece. It's the most wonderfully sarcastic thing I've seen since, well, ever.

Check out some highlights from her work below, and head to her Twitter for more.

Because women always need to wear makeup, says the world.

16 hot new eye make-up looks! — gemma correll (@gemmacorrell) March 19, 2015

Because who cares.

enough with the Disney Princess stuff already. — gemma correll (@gemmacorrell) February 12, 2015

Because feminists rule.

Added "Feminist" to my Twitter bio. This is my life now. — gemma correll (@gemmacorrell) March 24, 2015

Because you should dress for yourself.

Trends Men Hate!!! — gemma correll (@gemmacorrell) February 17, 2015

Because you deserve to focus on YOUR needs in bed.

How to Drive Him Crazy in Bed !!! — gemma correll (@gemmacorrell) March 7, 2015

Because who runs the world? Girls.

Happy International Women's Day! #InternationalWomensDay #IWD2015 — gemma correll (@gemmacorrell) March 8, 2015

Because #FASHUN.

Ghost fashuns. — gemma correll (@gemmacorrell) October 25, 2014

Because you MUST be categorized, says the media.

What's YOUR body type? — gemma correll (@gemmacorrell) January 22, 2015

Because cats.

Cat-based desserts of the world - … via @gocomics — gemma correll (@gemmacorrell) April 14, 2014

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